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Chamber of Commerce

The Addison Chamber of Commerce and Industry was renamed in 2003, previously having been called the Addison Association of Industry and Commerce.  The organization was founded in 1991, merging the former Chamber of Commerce with members of the industrial community.

The Chamber works toward retaining and developing business in the community of Addison, while representing business to local, county, state and national governmental agencies.

Consisting of 350 members from the commercial and industrial sectors, the Chamber offers an excellent networking opportunity for the industrial and commercial communities by holding luncheons, seminars and social gatherings to discuss ways to improve business conditions in Addison. In addition to its networking advantages, the Chamber offers its members:

  • Free advertising in Accent on Members, the Chamber’s "Members Only" directory.

  • Inclusion in Shop Talk, the Chamber’s newsletter. The newsletter outlines matters of legislative concern, 
    notices of various business meetings, general information concerning Chamber members and possible ramifications of any Board actions which may have taken place.

  • Informational and referral services for businesses and consumers.

  • Direct governmental representation.

  • Lobbying activity and resource availability

By promoting, informing and protecting its members and the business community-at-large, the Chamber is an invaluable entity in showcasing the advantages of doing business in Addison. For more information on the Chamber, call Dee Hanrahan, executive director, at 630/543-4300 or write to 777 Army Trail Road, Suite AA, Addison, IL 60101.