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Home > Government > Village Services > Storm Water Drainage Concerns

Storm Water Drainage Concerns

Storm Water drainage is a priority for the Village of Addison. We are constantly working to improve service to our residents, but we ask residents to help by following these guidelines.

Sump Pumps

A sump pump is located in the lower level of a home, and its purpose is to remove water from the outside of the foundation wall and pump it to the rear yard not more than 5 feet from the foundation.

Sump pumps should discharge outside the home to a point far enough away that the water will flow away from the building and not lay up against the foundation wall.

In some areas, the ground level will not allow this to occur, so an underground pipe may be installed by the homeowner and connected directly to the Village storm sewer system where possible. In these cases, the Village should be notified and will provide assistance.

Sump pumps should not be connected to the internal sewer system (sanitary sewer) in the home. This is illegal and fines can result.


Roof downspouts should also be routed away from the foundation of the building. Water from these downspouts can find its way down along the foundation and cause sump pump overload or failure.

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