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February 2011


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From the Desk of
Mayor Larry Hartwig


If you drive down Lombard Road, you know that what was once Driscoll Catholic High School is now little more than an empty field.  By the middle of January, the last walls were demolished, and the foundations were being removed.


For several months, Driscoll is the most frequent topic of conversation brought up by residents when they stop me, or other members of the Board, to talk.  Most everyone -- alumni of Driscoll or not -- is saddened by the closing of the school, but happy that the community will be able to put the land to use.


If there has been any dissatisfaction at all, it has been over the naming of the land as "Blazer Park," as the new sign now states.


As most residents by now know, while the Village purchased the property, the primary user will be Addison Trail High School and their athletics program.  In exchange, DuPage High School District 88 will maintain the field.


Since the Addison Trail Blazers will utilize the athletic fields more than anyone, the naming of Blazer Park should come as no surprise.  But there has been some confusion on the part of residents who think this was some sort of slight against the Driscoll "Highlanders."

Watch an interview about Blazer Park with Trustee Tom Hundley


In fact, it has always been our intention -- the Village's and District 88's -- to name the community portion of Blazer Park as "Highlander Field," in honor of Driscoll.  A historical marker will be placed to commemorate the 40 years of Driscoll Catholic High School's place in Addison history.


This project is obviously not complete, but when it is, hopefully everyone will see that the best has been made of an unfortunate situation.  No one wanted to see Driscoll closed.  But once it did, no one wanted to see it fall into disrepair and become a blight on the neighborhood.


Later this year, I hope everyone has the opportunity to visit and enjoy this new open space in our community.




Keep Your Guard Up When Online

The Addison Police Department would like remind  you to keep your guard up while on social networking sites such as Facebook. 

As more and more personal information is being shared amongst those who have a Facebook account, criminals are using this to steal your identity.  As reported on Yahoo, please review the following.  It may prevent you from being a victim of identity theft.  For more information please contact any Addison Police Crime Prevention Officer at 630-693-7900, or visit us at,

(as reported on Yahoo!)

You may think you’re revealing precious little information when you tell your Facebook friends that you’re dressing your pooch, Puddles, in your favorite color, red, for brunch at Grandma’s on Sunday. But you’ve actually just opened a Pandora’s box of risks.

The information consumers willingly, and often unwittingly, post on social-media websites can be a gold mine for fraudsters looking to steal everything from your flat-screen TV to your identity.

What’s more, tidbits like your birth date, birthplace and the last school you attended are typically the challenge questions posed by bank websites and online retailers to verify your identity.

Despite all the awareness that people have about identity fraud and privacy on social networks, there is a disconnect between [that and what they are] disclosing in online space and social environments,” said Thomas Oscherwitz, chief privacy officer for ID Analytics, a San Diego-based consumer risk management firm.

More than 24 million Americans 18 years old and older are still leaving their social-network profiles mostly public, meaning they aren’t activating privacy controls that limit who can see their information online, according to a Harris Interactive survey conducted in October for ID Analytics.

The survey also found that nearly 70 million U.S. adults on social-networking sites include their birthplace — one of the most common security questions asked by financial institutions — on their profiles.

The information people are disclosing is not the entire piece of the puzzle but it’s certainly helpful,” Oscherwitz said. Thieves steal identities in pieces, he said, and layer them on each other for a clearer picture.

Say you post on a social-media site that you’re at a tanning salon ahead of your week-long trip to the Bahamas the day after your birthday. You’re telling potential burglars that not only are you away from home for an hour or so, but beginning Tuesday, your home likely will be empty for seven days.

Even listing daily activities can let strangers know your routine and put you at risk,” said Gail Cunningham, spokeswoman for the National Foundation of Credit Counseling.

Too much information can hurt you in other ways. John Sileo, a Denver-based identify-theft expert, said your online chatter could equip an ex-spouse with ammunition for a court challenge. Future or current employers could have a problem with information about your personal life that they deem inappropriate for a member of their staff, he said.

You also could be furnishing a would-be stalker with information about your whereabouts. "We are giving people the little pieces of our trust or access to our trust that allows them to get bigger things out of us," said Sileo, founder of the newsletter.

Tips to Stay Safe

Here’s some advice from Sileo, who wrote the Facebook Safety Survival Guide, about protecting online privacy on all social-networking sites:

  • Never post your exact date and place of birth. It’s invaluable information to identity thieves, particularly when the two are bundled together.

  • Never post your address, phone number or email address. This is plum information to scammers and marketers who are looking for nuggets of your identity.

  • Control who can see your personal information. Many social-networking sites have privacy features, but they change often. Know what they are, stay on top of them and restrict your page to your real friends, not friends of friends or someone you met in a bar.

  • Limit information about your activities. If you must brag about a trip or a fabulous party, do it after the fact.

  • Remember that what you post is public and permanent. Don’t put up embarrassing photos that you wouldn’t show your grandmother. Don’t complain about your job or your boss. Don’t say something to or about someone that you wouldn’t say to his face. Don’t threaten others.

  • Know the four types of Facebook users: friends, outsiders, businesses and enemies.

  • You should know exactly who wants to be your friend or is asking you to link into their network. Some people will befriend your friends to get to you or your company.

  • Be wary of seemingly harmless quizzes. When someone invites you to take a survey, say, "10 Things Others Don’t Know About You" or "My Favorite Things," it may be designed to harvest your data. The name of the street you grew up on or your favorite vacation spot could be clues to your passwords.

  • Before you share any information anywhere online about yourself or your workplace, ask this question: What would the consequences be if this information fell into the hands of my boss, competitor or people who don’t like me?


A Bit of Addison History

The following article appeared in the November 5-6, 1964 issue of the Press Publications newspaper serving the Addison area:

Business Growth Spurs Pepsi Addison Location

Pepsi Cola sales in DuPage County have been unbelievable!  This popular soft drink brand has doubled and tripled its volume in towns such as Bensenville, Elmhurst, along the Mannheim strip, and in Villa Park and Wheaton. 

Pepsi Cola General Bottlers finally were compelled to establish an Addison Distribution Warehouse to more adequately service the accounts. 

This new 20,000 square foot facility on Factory Road was completed in June, 1963.  Sixty-five employees are engaged in the Addison operation.

District Sales Manager Wilton “Bud” Benson, a 12-year veteran with Pepsi, attributes his multi-million dollar sales to the greater spending power of the younger set.  Benson says:  ‘The teens love it.’

Both Pepsi and Teem (a lemon-lime-flavored soft drink produced by the Pepsi Cola Company) are popular with adults as well.”

For further information, please visit the Addison Historical Museum, 135 Army Trail Road, in Addison.  Open Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  Phone:  (630) 628-1433. 



News Blurbs

Voters Information

The next Consolidated Election will be held Tuesday, April 5.

 Locally, candidates will be chosen for seats on the governing boards for the Village of Addison, Library, Park District, Fire District, Elementary Districts 4 and 15, High School Districts 87 and 88, and College of DuPage.

The deadline to register to vote for this election is Tuesday, March 8.

For information, call the Village Clerk at 543-4100.

Go to fullsize imageProject Receives Award

The American Public Works Association, Chicago Metro Chapter awarded the Salt Creek Green Way Trail, North Zone, Final Phase, as the “Outstanding Transportation Project for 2010 in the $0-5 Million Dollar Category.”

Addison was one of the ten municipal and county agencies who participated in the design and construction of approximately 23 miles of new bicycle trail.

The new route connects Busse Woods Forest Preserve in Elk Grove on the north to 47th Street in the Village of Lyons on the south.  Due to the scope, size and funding of the project, it was split into five separate construction contracts. The North Zone was the last phase to be completed during the summer of 2010.

A dream that began more than twenty years ago, and took ten years to construct now provides a regional north-south trail where none existed.

Funding was provided by Federal and State Highway Authorities, Local Municipalities, Park Districts, Forest Preserve Districts and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

ACTV Update

Addison Community Television’s daily news program, “ACTV Update,” is now available to watch anytime online.

In January, ACTV Update expanded to air Monday through Friday at 4:25 p.m., as well as later in the evening.  The program provides 5 minutes of news and information from various organizations, especially those that might ordinarily be featured on other ACTV programs, such Addiscene.  News from DuPage County, Elmhurst College, College of DuPage and the state legislature is featured regularly on ACTV Update.

Now viewers can watch the current week’s programs online here.

Schedule is subject to change; for the most up-to-date information check the ACTV Weekly Program Schedule here.

Addison Community Television can be seen on Comcast Cable Channel 6, AT&T U-Verse Channel 99, or online at here.

Village Employees of the Month

Stephen Oskroba
Patrol Officer
Police Department

January 2011

Stephen Oskroba, an Addison Trail graduate, has been a Village employee for 3 ½ years.   

Steve is currently assigned to the Traffic Safety Unit in the Police Department.  Some of Steve’s responsibilities include seat belt safety checks, DUI related issues and accident investigations.   

Steve enjoys outdoor activities such as biking and walking trails. He also likes playing computer games. 

In his spare time Steve likes attending sporting events, going to the movies and trying out the cuisine at different restaurants. 


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