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June 2013

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Mayor Richard VeenstraFrom the Desk of
Mayor Rich Veenstra

In my first month as Mayor, I have spent an unusual amount of time seeing and hearing about the young people in our community. And despite what you might hear on the 10 o'clock news about troublesome, directionless youth, here in Addison adolescents are getting involved and making a difference in our community ... and in the world.

At my very first Board Meeting, I was introduced to a group of young men from the Addison Trail High School football team who spent a day off from school saving a neighborhood.

On April 18, when much of Northern Illinois was being hit by storms, many roads became impassable and most schools canceled classes for the day. In our community, the eastern portion of town, especially near Villa Avenue, began to flood.

Football Players

Members of the Addison Trail Football Team were honored at the May 6 Addison Village Board of Trustees Meeting for their volunteer efforts during the April storms.  Pictured left to right are Jake Wislek, Ricardo Luna, Jim Wislek, John Madrigal, Larry Thomas, Josh Simko, Jack Simko, Kannon Nelms, Matt Seider, Nathan Beiwer, Addison Trail Football Coach Paul Parpet, Jr. and Addison Trail Principal Adam Cibulka and Mayor Rich Veenstra.


Seniors at DuPage High School District 88 raised more than $22,000 and packaged nearly 109,000 meals for "Feed My Starving Children."  Their efforts were recognized by Addison Mayor Rich Veenstra (far right) at the June 3 Village Board of Trustees.  Pictured left to right are DuPage High School District 88 Superintendent Dr. Scott Helton, Willowbrook High School Principal Dan Krause, Willowbrook senior Lauren Bimber, Addison Trail senior Alex Glowacki and Addison Trail Principal Adam Cibulka.

That morning, Addison Trail Football Coach Paul Parpet, Jr., sent out a text to his players and most immediately responded.

That day more than 20 players joined neighbors in the Normandy Manor subdivision filling and piling thousands of sandbags. None of the homes in that area ended up taking on water.

Earlier this month, I met another group of high school students that have made an impact that reaches far beyond the borders of Addison; they've showed just how hard work and dedication can make a difference.

The senior class from both Addison Trail and Willowbrook high schools put aside their friendly rivalry to work together on a Senior Service Project to raise more than $22,000 for "Feed My Starving Children." They used those funds to purchase the supplies that were used for a whole Saturday of packaging meals– more than 100,000 of them!

All of these young people have already learned, and are already exemplifying, that being part of a community means having a responsibility to help whenever possible, and to give back in whatever way we can.

I'm so proud of their efforts ... I'm even more proud that they are a part of the Addison Advantage.


Rich Veenstra

Legislative News from House District 77

News from State Representative Kathleen Willis

Kathleen WillisAs I write this column, we are in the final throws of the Spring legislative session.  Many major issues remain unresolved, including our efforts to reform the pension system, craft a responsible budget, and institute a concealed carry version that protects the safety of our neighborhoods.  I look forward to providing you with a recap of legislative developments next month, but for now, I wanted to focus on what I view as one of my most important duties as your representative: listening.

I believe that the role of an elected official is to take the concerns of their constituents and put them into action.  That is my mission and I fully accept it because it’s impossible to take the votes that I am taking without fully considering the feedback of the people who sent me to Springfield.

One of my favorite ways to listen is to walk door-to-door—not to ask for votes, but rather to ask for your opinion on the challenges the state is facing. So, expect to see me in your neighborhood soon.  In the same respect, I try to make a lot of phone calls—particularly as we are debating bills on the House Floor.  It’s very important for me to understand how the legislation we are considering will impact my constituents, so I’ll oftentimes just pick up the phone and call folks to ask for their thoughts.

Another way that I solicit input in through my Citizen Advisory Committees, which are informal groups of constituents who care about a certain topic.  At our meetings, I like to highlight some legislation on a specific subject matter

and then ask for opinions, as well as take a survey of our major challenges and then brainstorm ways to address them. 

Next month, several of these committees will meet, and I invite anyone and everyone to stop by.  There’s no pressure—you don’t have to be an expert to attend.  All of these meetings will be held at my constituent service office, located at 112 N. Wolf Road in Northlake.  Please stop by and share your thoughts.

  • June 5, 10 AM, Senior Citizen Issues                                          
  • June 12, 10 AM, Economic Development
  • June 18, 5 PM, Education Issues                                                 
  • June 24, 4 PM, Public Safety
  • June 26, 6 PM, Women’s Issues

If you can’t make it and you would like to talk to me, or if I can help with a state issue, you can contact me in one of many ways: by phone at (708) 562-6970, by email at, or by stopping in at our constituent service office.  I can also be found on Facebook and Twitter at repwillis77.

This is the first in a series of columns written by our State legislators on a rotating basis. State Representative Willis represents District 77, which covers the northeast corner of Addison. For information on how to contact Representative Willis, as well as our other legislators, click here.

Addison Village Events

Rock 'N Wheels 2013 Schedule

Taco Night – June 20
Featuring Rico!
Vendors: La Placita, Amada's Cafe and 601 Bar and Grill

Specialty Night – June 27
Featuring Paparazzi
Vendors: Alta Villa Banquets, JD Muggs, Nardi's and 601 Bar and Grill

Italian Night – July 11
Featuring Blues Mavericks

Vendors: Alta Villa Banquets, Nardi's and 601 Bar and Grill

Salute the Troops Night – July 18
Featuring Joe Kalish and Southern Jack
Vendors: JD Muggs and 601 Bar and Grill

Chicken Night – July 25
Featuring Kashmir
Vendors: Chicken Manor and 601 Bar and Grill

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New Recycling Carts
Coming Soon

Recycling Cart

As part of the new waste hauling contract with Republic Waste Services, single family residents will receive a new 65-gallon recycling container in the near future.

These new rollable carts will replace the old small recycling bins. These containers will be like the waste containers but will have a different colored lid to indicate it is for recycling and not regular trash.

Republic will deliver these to the residents' curb. The new container will have a flyer attached to it with information about the new container.

Once the new 65-gallon container is delivered, the old recycling containers may no longer be placed at the curb. Residents may keep their old recycling bin if they would like, but they may not continue to use it for recycled items.

If the resident does not want the old container, they may bring it to the Recycling Center and drop it off in the roll off that will be supplied specifically for recycling the old containers. This roll off will not be available until Republic delivers the new containers.

The Recycling Center is located at the North Waste Water Treatment Plant, 711 N. Addison Road.

The summer hours for the Recycling Center are: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.; Saturday, 8 - 11 a.m.; closed Sunday.

There is no charge to the resident for the container. This was included at no cost to the residents with the new contract. There will also be no increase in trash rates. The rates that were in effect April 2012 will stay in effect until April 2014.

Laura MontbriandEmployee of the Month

Laura Montbriand
Community Service Officer/
Evidence Technician
Police Department
May 2013

Laura Montbriand has been a Village of Addison employee for 27 years.   She has always worked in the Police Department in various positions including as Community Service Officer, Dispatcher and Records Clerk.  

In her current position her duties include intaking, storing and disposing of property.

Laura and her husband Tom, have four children; Tommy, 22; Christian, 20; Tori, 17; and Alex, 15.

She enjoys walking her dogs, gardening and traveling.

News Blurbs

'Ask Mayor Veenstra' July 1

Mayor Rich Veenstra makes his monthly appearance to answer questions from residents on Addison Community Television on July 1.

Tune in to the live broadcast at 6 p.m. of "Ask Mayor Veenstra," and call the phone number on your screen to speak with the Mayor about a question or concern.

Or email your questions before or during the broadcast to

Addison Community Television appears on Comcast Cable Channel 6, AT&T U-Verse Channel 99 or can be viewed online here.

Landscape Waste Removal

Landscape waste pickup has begun and will continue through November.

Grass and other landscape waste should be kept separate from other solid wastes, and will be removed on normal garbage pickup days by the contracted waste hauler.

Acceptable yard waste will be collected either from bags or trash cans. Residents may fill 30-33 gallon trash containers with landscape waste, provided they obtain landscape waste stickers at Village Hall and affix them to each container. There is no charge for the decals, which are necessary to make the landscape waste easily distinguishable and visible to the collectors. One sticker is needed per container.

Otherwise, residents may purchase paper biodegradable bags at area retailers. Stickers are not necessary when utilizing the paper bag system.

An unlimited amount of landscape waste may be placed at curbside, but it must be kept separate from other garbage. Mixed garbage will not be removed. Large branches, tree cuttings, sod rolls, root balls and soil are not acceptable in the landscape waste program.

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