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Addison IL 60101-2786

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Mayor Larry Hartwig
Clerk Lucille Zucchero

Village Trustees:
Tom Hundley
Sylvia Layne
William Lynch
Joe McDermott
Harry Theodore
Richard Veenstra

Village Manager
Joseph Block ........................ 693-7503

Assistant Village Manager
John Berley .......................... 693-7532

Human Resources .............. 693-7504

Water Billing ...................... 693-7570

Community Development
Engineering, zoning,
building permits, code enforcement
............................................. 693-7530

Community Relations
Cable television, website, special events ............................................  693-7550

Public Works
Streets, water, tree trimming, branch pickup .................................. 620-2020

Environmental Services
Recycling, sewer backups, flood control ............................................. 279-2140

Police (Non-Emergency)
Traffic violations, crime prevention programs, stray animals ......... 543-3080






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March 2011


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From the Desk of
Mayor Larry Hartwig


The term "intergovernmental cooperation" is nothing new in Addison.  Unlike some other communities in our area, we have enjoyed decades of mutually beneficial relationships with all of the taxing bodies in town, which has led to cost savings in many areas over the years.


Recently, that idea of pooling resources amongst multiple agencies has gone beyond the borders of Addison. We will be working closely with some of our neighboring towns to save money by having one agency provide services to several communities, rather than each town paying to provide those services.


In the coming months, the Addison Police Department's dispatch department will be renovated and expanded, so that we will be able to provide dispatch services to multiple communities.  Those communities would pay for those services, but would spend far less than employing their own staff, benefiting all the municipalities involved.


Events are another way that we can save money.  Large communities with populations of upwards of 100,000 people, such as Naperville or Schaumburg, host a single fireworks show on the Fourth of July.  But in our area, for many years every community of 20 or 30,000 people hosted their own fireworks.  And unfortunately, the cost of that in the last few years has resulted in the cancellation of many of these events.


Addison is now working with Bensenville, Elmhurst and Wood Dale to host different events throughout the year that all the communities can enjoy, and eliminate the duplication of those events.


So this year, Bensenville will host the Fourth of July fireworks in our area, that I hope our residents will support and enjoy.  Later in the summer, Wood Dale will host the summer festival Prairie Fest.  And then, Aug. 19 - 21, Addison will once again host the Carson Barnes Circus.


The first of these events, though, is the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Elmhurst, on Saturday, March 12 at noon.  This parade will include units from all four communities, and I hope many of our residents will come out to cheer them on.


For more information about the St. Patrick's Day Parade click here.  Details about the rest of the events will be coming soon.


The Village Board and staff will continue to seek out creative cost savings whenever possible.



Update on the DuPage County
Stormwater and Floodplain Ordinance

DuPage County adopted a Stormwater and Floodplain Ordinance in 1992 and has since amended it nearly a dozen times. The County is currently re-evaluating the Ordinance to update and ensure it complies with changes in the development trends and regulatory mandates.

The update seeks to create stormwater management requirements that helps preserve a high standard of flood control and environmental protection within DuPage County. A draft copy of the Revised DuPage County Countywide Stormwater and Flood Plain Ordinance is available at

The public comment period for the draft Ordinance is open through March 4, 2011. A Comment Response Document and revised Ordinance is expected to be released on May 3, 2011, followed by a 30-day comment period ending June 1, 2011. The final draft Ordinance is expected to be presented to the County Stormwater Management Committee in July 2011. The Ordinance is expected to go into effect January 1, 2012.

DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference, along with many other stakeholders throughout the County, are reviewing the draft Ordinance.

Comments on the draft Ordinance can be sent in writing to Mr. David Winklebleck, P.E., Department of Development and Environmental Concerns, 421 N. County Farm Rd, Wheaton, IL 60187, or by email to

News from the Addison Police Department Traffic Unit

Parking Ticket Reminders

If you are issued a parking ticket, the fine schedule is as follows: 

  • $15 ticket, if paid after 10 days $75.

  • $25 ticket, if paid after 10 days $85.

  • $75 ticket, if paid after 10 days $135.

  • $100 ticket, if paid after 10 days $160.

If the ticket is not paid within 10 days, a Notice to Appear for an Administrative Adjudication Hearing will be mailed to you.  You will be given three opportunities to attend a hearing to dispute your ticket.  Each time a hearing is missed, the fine amount increases, to a maximum of $250.  A final determination for failure to appear will be made after the third and final hearing by the Hearing Officer for non-appearance.   

Failure to pay your ticket will result in it being sent to a collection agency.  If you have 10 or more unpaid tickets, your driver’s license may be suspended.  Also, your vehicle may be booted or towed if you have three or more unpaid tickets.

To pay your ticket:

  • Mail to: The Village of Addison, 1 Friendship Plaza, Addison, IL 60101

  • Pay in person at the Finance Dept. in the Village Hall

  • Pay online at:

To request an Administrative Hearing to contest your ticket:

  • Call 630-543-3080, M-F 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

  • Email at

  • In person at The Addison Police Dept., 3 Friendship Plaza, Addison, IL

Vehicle Immobilization Program

Go to fullsize imageThe Addison Police Department is reinstituting the Vehicle Immobilization (boot) Program and will once again affix a wheel lock (boot) to vehicles with unpaid parking tickets. 

Any vehicle that has three or more unpaid parking tickets will be eligible for the wheel lock device.  The owners of these vehicles have already received numerous warnings and opportunities to pay their fines. 

Prior to immobilizing a vehicle, the police department will notify the owner of the vehicle that it is being placed on the Vehicle Immobilization List.  At that time, the vehicle owner will have the opportunity to pay their outstanding fines or request an administrative hearing in order to avoid having their vehicle immobilized. 

Once a vehicle is immobilized, the vehicle owner will again have the opportunity to request a hearing and get their vehicle back, after they pay the immobilization fee  of $180, the towing and storage fees (if applicable), and half of their parking fines.  Their other alternative is to pay all fines and fees in full in order to have their vehicle returned. 

At this time the police department has many vehicles eligible for the immobilization list.  The vehicles on the current “Boot List” have accrued more than $300,000 in unpaid parking ticket fines.  Some individual owners have unpaid fines amounting to five, six or even seven thousand dollars. 

Allowing these vehicle owners to continue to shirk their responsibility and disregard the law is not fair to all the upstanding citizens who obey the laws of our community.

2011 Motor Fuel Tax Projects Announced

Street: From: To:
Greenridge Drive Woodland Stone
Moreland Ave. Addison Road Michigan Ave.
Prairie Drive Army Trail Diversey
Diversey Prairie Lombard
Horseshoe Court Prairie Dead End
Barnwall Drive Lombard Dead End
Ninth Ave. Lake Byron
Holtz Ave. Lombard Corporate Limits
Amelia Lane Lombard Mulloy
Mulloy Drive Lombard Holtz
Joyce Lane Myrick Ave. Dead End
Alden Drive Myrick Ave. Joyce Lane
Wisconsin Ave. Natoma Ave. Diversey
Wisconsin Ave. Wrightwood Ave. Fullerton
Westwood Ave. Interstate Road Adele

Road Construction Projects for the coming season have been approved by the Village Board of Trustees.

Funded by $1 million in Motor Fuel Tax Funds, the Village of Addison has identified 5.5 lane miles of streets in the Meiers Farm, Greenridge, Home Addition, and Pioneer Park Subdivisions.  An additional 2.8 lane miles in the Industrial Park will be resurfaced, using $300,000 in telecommunications tax money.

The projects will begin in spring, and last approximately 3 months, weather permitting.


Village Employees of the Month

Cindy Lopez
Clerk Typist
Police Department

February 2011

Cindy Lopez has been a Village of Addison Employee for almost 3 years.

Cindy’s responsibilities include putting together Daily Bulletins and sending them out. Cindy also works imaging arrest documents and putting them into the system. She also attends Administrative Adjudication Hearings once a month.

Cindy and her husband Mauricio have four children, Alexander who is 16, Jessica 14, Joshua 12 and Olivia 7.

Some of Cindy’s hobbies include walking, reading and biking. In her spare time, she enjoys attending her children’s sporting events and activities and like spending time with family and friends.


A Bit of Addison History

Approximately one year ago, we wrote about the Addison Road Improvement Association, and how it evolved over the years to become what is now known as the Addison Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  

In this month’s article we return to that organization again, and list some of the improvements to Addison’s infrastructure that were accomplished in the ten years between 1954–1964, thanks to the efforts of the members of this organization:

ü      Road signs were installed.

ü      A crossing was put in at Interstate Road, and later at Factory Road. 

ü      Interstate Road, Factory Road, and Fullerton Avenue were designated as arterial streets so that motor fuel tax funds could be used to pay for these crossings.

ü      Traffic signals were installed at Lake Street and Addison Road and at North Avenue and Addison Road, due to the increased traffic as more people were employed in the industrial area.

ü      Street lights and storm sewers were installed.

ü      The industrial area was annexed into the Village of Addison, and received police protection from the village.

ü      Sidewalks were built, and mail was delivered by the Post Office.

ü      A fire station was built in the industrial area.

ü      Electrical service was improved by adding new lines, increasing capacity, protecting circuits and tree trimming. 

For more information about the Addison Road Improvement Association or Addison’s industrial area, visit the Addison Historical Museum, 135 Army Trail Road, Addison.  Open Saturdays, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.  Phone:  (630) 628-1433.  email:

The shaded areas on this portion of a 1955 Chamber of Commerce map of Addison indicate the boundaries of the Addison Industrial District at the time. 


News Blurbs

Voters Information

The next Consolidated Election will be held Tuesday, April 5.

 Locally, candidates will be chosen for seats on the governing boards for the Village of Addison, Library, Park District, Fire District, Elementary Districts 4 and 15, High School Districts 87 and 88, and College of DuPage.

The deadline to register to vote for this election is Tuesday, March 8.

Early Voting begins March 14, and ends March 31.  Early Voting sites include the Addison Township Offices and Stratford Square Mall.  For a complete list of Early Voting sites and times, click here.

For information, call the Village Clerk at 543-4100.

Village Events

Get the very latest information about Village of Addison sponsored events by visiting our Special Events Facebook page.

Check out information on upcoming events, including plans for this year’s Summer of Special Events. Know a great local band? Participants are being sought for this summer’s “Battle of the Bands!”

Also see photos from past events, such as the tent raising at the Carson Barnes Circus and the Mayor’s Community Charity Ball.

ACTV Programs

The Addison Chamber of Commerce & Industry will present “Meet the Candidates,” on Tuesday, March 22 in the Village Hall Board Room.  Addison Community Television will air the event live from 7 to 9 p.m., and re-broadcast the program in the weeks leading up to the April 5 election.

Candidates for local offices, including the Village, Library, Park and School boards will be invited to attend.  Viewers will have the opportunity to submit questions to the candidates during the forum.

In addition, Addison Community Television’s daily news program, “ACTV Update,” is now available to watch anytime online.

In January, ACTV Update expanded to air Monday through Friday at 4:25 p.m., as well as later in the evening.  The program provides 5 minutes of news and information from various organizations, especially those that might ordinarily be featured on other ACTV programs, such Addiscene.  News from DuPage County, Elmhurst College, College of DuPage and the state legislature is featured regularly on ACTV Update.

Now viewers can watch the current week’s programs online here.

Schedule is subject to change; for the most up-to-date information check the ACTV Weekly Program Schedule here.

Addison Community Television can be seen on Comcast Cable Channel 6, AT&T U-Verse Channel 99, or online at here.

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