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March 2013

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Sharing Your Backyard with Coyotes

Rock 'N Wheels Returns in June

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MayorFrom the Desk of
Mayor Larry Hartwig

No one likes to see prices go up, especially when for so many of us, incomes are not going up at the same pace.

The Village Board understands this, and has made a commitment to not creating an undue burden on our residents. Nevertheless, residents have noticed that they are now paying more on their water bill, and I want to assure you, this is not because the Village of Addison is trying to make more money.

Since 1992, Addison has purchased Lake Michigan water from the DuPage Water Commission, which purchases water from the City of Chicago. Each of these three entities are responsible for a portion of this process.

The Water Commission maintains the system to bring water from the Central Park Pumping Station in Chicago to all of its customers in DuPage County, including Addison. Our connection points to the Commission's water lines are near our water storage facilities.

The Village is then responsible for the maintenance of our system to the point where it connects to all homes and businesses.

The DuPage Water Commission has a long-term wholesale water contract with Chicago. One of the provisions of the contract is that Chicago cannot charge the Water Commission more for water than any other wholesale customer in Chicago. This means if they raise our rates, they must also raise rates in the city.

Chicago has studied their water system and has determined that they need to upgrade their facilities, some of which are more than 100 years old. A number of these improvements will provide improved reliability to suburban customers, and will reduce water loss from old, leaking transmission lines.

The Mayor and City Council of Chicago voted to raise rates in Chicago; therefore the rate the Water Commission will go up as well. As they pass that rate increase on to municipal customers, we are forced to pass it on to residents. Just as when we have received rate decreases from the Water Commission and passed them on to residents.

On January 1, the rate per 1,000 gallons of water was increased from $2.99 to $3.58. Next January 1, it will increase again to $4.23, and finally to $4.94 on January 1, 2015.

No one is happy about increasing water rates, but unfortunately in this case, we really have no choice.

Larry Hartwig signature

Larry Hartwig

Sharing Your Backyard with Coyotes

Suburban Landscape Now Means Sharing Space with Wildlife

coyoteThroughout the suburbs, sightings of wildlife such as coyotes and foxes have become less rare. In fact, for those who live near open spaces such as large parks and forest preserves, they have become commonplace.

Sightings become more frequent in the winter. This is because food is now hard to come by. Their major food source is small animals such as squirrels, which are currently hibernating. It is also the beginning of their breeding season.

Residents regularly express concerns about safety. According officials at the DuPage County Forest Preserve District, while coyote attacks are rare, it is best to be vigilant with small dogs and even children.

Coyotes are more likely to attack a small animal than a small child, but have been known to take on dogs as big as Golden Retrievers.  If a coyote is threatened in its territory, it will attack.  Small "yapping" dogs are targets.  Barking dogs challenge the coyote.  Sometimes the attack is for food and sometimes it is to protect the territory. It is advisable to not leave small dogs outside unattended, even in fenced yards, as coyotes have been known to jump over even 6 foot fences.

While we must learn to live with coyotes and other wildlife nearby, there are ways to make your own property less attractive to them. Be sure not leave pet food outside, and keep grills clean, so as not to attract them with the scent of food. Lighting is also a deterrent.

For more information about coyotes and other wildlife in our area, visit the Willowbrook Wildlife Center website here.

Employees of the Month

Brad BoutonBrad Boulton
Wastewater Treatment Operator II
Public Works Department
January 2013

Brad Boulton has been a Village of Addison Public Works employee in the Environmental Services Division since August, 2006.  He assists in the day-to-day operations and monitoring of the North Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Brad’s hobbies include golf, pool, darts, bowling, fishing, shooting, camping and any outdoor activity.

In his spare time, Brad enjoys building furniture and remodeling homes.

Jim SullivanJim Sullivan
Public Maintenance Worker I
Public Works Department
February 2013

Jim Sullivan has been with the Village, in the Public Works Department, for 9-1/2 years.

His duties include utility locates, permit reviews, maintenance and operation of water systems, and addressing resident and contractor issues.

Jim has been married to his wife, Sherri, for 24 years and has four children: Samantha, 27; Chris, 21; Robert, 19 and Megan, 17.

His hobbies include boating, motorcycle riding, hiking, fishing and taking long walks with his wife and three dogs.

Jim also enjoys carpentry, auto mechanic work and taking the train to Downtown Chicago and walking all over the City to do charity events to help those less fortunate.

News Blurbs

Nominate an Employee of the Month

Employees of the Village of Addison strive to do their best – but you may know of someone who has gone the extra mile. These employees are recognized by a selection committee. Nominations are received by supervisors, fellow employees and, most importantly, by our residents.

If you know of a deserving Village employee, please let us know by picking up a nomination form at the Information Desk at Village Hall, or by letting us know here.

Meet the Candidates March 26

The Addison Chamber of Commerce will host the Meet The Candidates question and answer forum on Tuesday, March 26 at 7 p.m. in the Board Room of the Addison Village Hall.

Meet the Candidates began 30 years ago as a forum for candidates running in local election races to introduce themselves to voters both the audience attending the program and viewers watching the live broadcast on Addison Community Television, and to respond to questions submitted by the voters.

This year, the Chamber will limit the candidate participation to those running in contested races, including the Addison Park District, School District 4, the Addison Public Library and the Addison Township offices of Clerk, Highway Commissioner and Trustee.

The public is invited to attend and may submit questions in writing. The forum will also be televised live on Addison Community Television, and residents can call in questions for the candidates.

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