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March 2014

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Mayor Richard VeenstraFrom the Desk of
Mayor Rich Veenstra

There is no doubt that this has been one of the harshest winters in recent memory. From the constant snow cover to the brutal cold, this year is one for the record books.

Everyone is dealing with it, and everyone has an opinion on how well the Village is dealing with it. Our Public Works Street Division always takes great pride in having the best plowed streets in our area, but this year they have had their work cut out for them.

At least four times this winter we've received storms that necessitated asking residents not to park on Village streets so that plows could clear the excessive snow.

Especially after these storms, I'm asked by residents why their street wasn't cleared more quickly. I would encourage everyone to keep in mind that our crews must prioritize which streets are plowed first, and that begins with those that receive the most traffic. Our major arterials will be cleared first, before residential streets, and finally cul de sacs. To learn more, I'd also recommend taking a look at the Village Snow Plan, so you see exactly what our crews deal with, and how they do it.

I'm also asked a lot about why our crews aren't doing more salting. This, too, is more complicated than it first appears. To reduce the impact on our environment – from salt that is splashed into landscaping, to storm run-off into streams – in recent years most municipalities have tried to reduce the amount of salt and de-icing chemicals that are used. For the most part, salting is done in intersections, curves, hills and Public Building accesses, rather than on all streets.

Since the snow has been near-constant since Christmas, many communities have already depleted their salt supply, and in order to purchase more they are paying exorbitant prices and waiting on back-ordered deliveries. I'd like to compliment our staff for realizing very early on that this would not be a normal winter. As such, more salt was ordered before the prices spiked in late December. We have a healthy supply to get us through the end of winter.

However, there is something else for residents to keep in mind when it comes to crews' abilities to keep the streets clear. The use of salt, even with a chemical additive, has very little effect when the temperature of the road drops below -5 degrees, which has happened quite frequently this winter. This is another reason you may not be seeing as much salt on the roads as you might expect – there is no reason to put salt down when its effectiveness is very limited.

Mayor Veenstra and Mitch Patterson
Watch Mayor Rich Veenstra and Public Works Director Mitch Patterson discuss snow removal operations in Addison

Because of all of this, crews have worked overtime through much of the winter. Nearly every weekend since the holidays, the plows have been called out due to snow. In addition, the Water Division crews have dealt with an average of one water main break per day, as well as helping residents whose water service is frozen.

In order to address these unexpected needs and costs, the Public Works Department has had to reprioritize some purchases and delay some projects so that we can continue to keep the streets safe and services provided to our residents at the quality level they expect.

But, as I said earlier, this is a winter for the record books and our resources have been stretched past capacity. We need the help of residents to augment and support the work of our Public Works team. There are ways for all of us to help.

For example, there are 2,300 fire hydrants in Addison, many of which are buried under feet of snow right now. When Public Works is not plowing streets or fixing water mains, they attempt to ensure that these are clear. But if you know you have a hydrant in front of your house, please shovel around it. You never know when it will be needed!

The same goes for curb inlets into the storm sewers. Right now they are caked with snow and ice, but as the weather warms, many will become clogged, preventing melting snow from getting into them, and thereby causing runoff flooding. Please take a moment to clear these as well.

We will get through this winter, but it will take all of us working together and helping each other, to minimize the impact of “the winter for the record books.”


Rich Veenstra

Branch Pickup Resumes

Branches Picked Up First Week of Each Month

The Village of Addison offers seasonal branch pickup service to residents from April through October. Branch pickup will begin on the first Monday of each month, April through October, and finish by the end of the week, regardless of where you reside within the Village.

Branches should be on the parkway the Sunday before the scheduled pickup week. The service dates are listed below.  Contracted crews will pass down each street only one time, and only one collection will be made Village-wide per month.

The Village’s Branch Pick-up program is truly a service to Addison residents. It encourages each resident and building owner to pride themselves in the health, aesthetics and value of their home, building, surrounding yard and landscape. It promotes the community’s desire to beautify our neighborhoods while maintaining safe and healthy surroundings. Each month, April through October, a resident or building owner has the opportunity to place branches out curb-side in front of their property. The programs service level may range from the pick-up of a single broken branch placed out on the parkway, to the pick-up removal of a resident's entire tree, cut up and stacked as specified under the program's requirements.

Should you have further questions, please contact the Village of Addison Public Works Department at 630/620-2020.

Branch Pickup Dates

April 7

May 5

June 2

July 7

August 4

September 2

October 6


The requirements for Branch Pickup are as follows:
  • Branches must be placed curbside on the parkway, not in the street, stacked in one direction, with the thicker ends facing the street. DO NOT cross stack branches.
  • Branches shall be limited to eight feet in length and 8 inches in diameter.
  • Limbs larger than 8 inches in diameter must be cut into 16-inch log lengths and placed separate from the branches.
  • Branches shall not be tied with string, wire, etc.
  • Branch piles containing root balls, lumber, metal, glass, yard waste or other debris, as well as large branch mound that have been multi-directionally cross stacked, will not be picked up.
  • Branches shall not be stacked in the alley or along private drives.  These will not be picked up.
  • No contractor cuttings will be picked up.
  • Branch piles shall not be placed on the parkway prior to or after the weekend prior to pick-up.  All branches must be stored in the back yard until then.
Addison, We Want to Hear From You About Housing
The Village of Addison is working to develop housing strategies that make sense for our community. We invite you to share your thoughts and priorities on local housing strategies for the Village of Addison.

Visit This quick and interactive survey will be available until March 27.

Addison, Bensenville, Villa Park and Wood Dale are developing a Homes for a Changing Region plan, which will chart future supply and demand trends for

housing in their communities with the aim of creating a balanced mix of housing serving current and future populations, and enhancing livability.

Learn more about the Homes for a Changing Region study at Contact Berenice Vallecillos with questions at or (312) 386-8623.

WindmillA Bit of Addison History

The winter of 2013-2014 has brought colder temperatures and more snow to the Addison area than in recent years.

Hopefully the worst is behind us, but if not, the following bit of Addison’s history might help to assure us that nowadays things aren’t so bad after all.

In the following excerpt from “Reminiscences of Old Addison,” W. Wegener, an 1885 graduate of the Evangelical Lutheran Teachers’ Seminary at Addison, describes how the seminary buildings were heated at the time:

“During the winter months there were at least thirty-five stoves in operation in the buildings. When a fire went out, some kind of calamity always arose, because kindling wood was a very scarce article.

“To keep the fires burning overnight was also a problem. For that reason two students of the upper classes were appointed for each night to keep the fires from dying. These were called the ‘night watch’. Their duty began after evening devotions.

“From the steward …we received a kerosene lantern, a coffee cake, and a can of coffee. Every hour we had to make the rounds through all the living rooms, the classrooms, and the piano rooms. The stoves were, with one exception, old-fashioned cannon stoves and the fuel was soft coal…

“Now our rounds began. When we came to a room and found the fire rather low, we put on a shovelful, hoping the fire would be all right the next time. When the fire was very low, we put on a good deal of fuel, closed the upper door and opened the draught. Then it might happen that on our next round we would find the stove red hot all the way up to the chimney. In a hurry the stove door was opened and the check closed to give the oven a chance to cool off. On our return we might find that not only the stove was cooled off, but that the fire was dead. Then we had to get some live coals from a neighboring room and build another blaze. Now it was about five a.m., the coffee cakes had been eaten, the coffee can was empty, and all the fires were in good shape. We had done our duty and could go to bed. The next day we were excused from classes.

“Did we ever have a fire in the buildings? Never, though there was plenty of danger, and not all night watchmen were as conscientious as we were. It was said that the good Lord every night sent down a special angel to protect us.”

The museum is open on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., and is located at 135 Army Trail Road in Addison.  Phone:  (630) 628-1433.  email:

The Evangelical Lutheran Seminary was built in 1864 on what is now the grounds of Village Hall. The buildings were razed in 1924 to make way for the "Kinderheim," which became the old Village Hall building.

Donna ScavoneEmployees of the Month

Donna Scavone
Clerk Typist
Community Development Department
January 2014

Donna Scavone has been with the Village since 2004, starting as a seasonal employee, in the Finance Department. In 2007, she transferred into Community Development as a full-time Clerk Typist.

She is the clerk for the Residential Rental Program and takes minutes for the Commercial and Industrial Commission. Donna also prepares the agenda for the Tenant and Landlord Commission, as well as, helping residents at the counter and on the phone with various questions and problems.

Donna is engaged to Donny and has a beautiful 6-year-old daughter named Daniella. She enjoys spending time with Daniella and Donny and loves going to movies. Donna also loves to bake and teaching her daughter how to follow recipes.

More than anything, Donna enjoys trying to find time for herself and getting a moment to relax. She has been extremely busy because she just earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling from Argosy University in November.

Debbie UtechtDeborah Utecht
Principal Account Clerk
Finance Department
February 2014

Debbie Utecht has been a Village employee for 15-½ years. She has been in the Finance Department, starting in Collections, and later became a Principle Account Clerk for business licensing and water billing.

Debbie’s job includes business licensing, processing and invoicing, as well as, water billing, late notices, resident adjudication (for both the Police Department and Community Development), and covering the collection counter when needed.

Debbie, who is married to Conrad, has three daughters; Cassandra, 39; Marcella, 39; and Delores, 31. She also has six (soon to be seven) grandchildren.

Her hobbies include crocheting, cosmetology and enjoying her wonderful grandchildren!

News Blurbs

ACTV Digest

Addison Community Television has debuted a series of feature segments, called ACTV Digest.

ACTV Digest will feature three regular segments: "A Bit of Addison History," airing on Mondays and Tuesdays; "It Happens In Addison," on Wednesdays and Thursdays; and "Up the Avenue," airing Fridays through Sundays.

ACTV Digest segments will be archived and accessible at any time here.

Addison Community Television can be seen on Comcast Cable Channel 6, AT&T U-Verse Channel 99 or can be streamed live here.

'Ask Mayor Veenstra' Live March 3

Mayor Rich Veenstra will answer questions from residents Monday, March 3, when he makes his monthly appearance on Addison Community Television's "Ask Mayor Veenstra" program.

Tune in to the live broadcast at 6 p.m. and call the phone number on your screen to speak with the mayor about a question or concern.

Or email your question before or during the program to

Addison Community Television can been seen on Comcast Cable Channel 6, AT&T U-Verse Channel 99, and is streamed online here.

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