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1 Friendship Plaza
Addison IL 60101-2786

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Mayor Larry Hartwig
Clerk Lucille Zucchero

Village Trustees:
Tom Hundley
Sylvia Layne
William Lynch
Joe McDermott
Harry Theodore
Richard Veenstra

Village Manager
Joseph Block ........................ 693-7503

Assistant Village Manager
John Berley .......................... 693-7532

Human Resources .............. 693-7504

Water Billing ...................... 693-7570

Community Development
Engineering, zoning,
building permits, code enforcement
............................................. 693-7530

Community Relations
Cable television, website, special events ............................................  693-7550

Public Works
Streets, water, tree trimming, branch pickup .................................. 620-2020

Environmental Services
Recycling, sewer backups, flood control ............................................. 279-2140

Police (Non-Emergency)
Traffic violations, crime prevention programs, stray animals ......... 543-3080






Village of Addison eNewsletter

May 2011


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From the Desk of
Mayor Larry Hartwig


A new fiscal year has begun, for the Village of Addison and most communities in our area.  This used to be the time of year to preview the many projects and that were coming up.  But as we have for the past few years, we are attempting to maintain the services we provide under the threat of shrinking revenues.


With the exception of road projects – which were previewed our previous issue – the new budget includes only what is absolutely necessary.  I am proud of the efforts of our board and our village employees, who have once again tightened their belts to deliver a balanced budget.


Encouraging signs may be on the horizon.  But communities in Illinois

also face obstacles from our state government, which has been late in its payments
to municipalities for many months, and now threatens to lower our share of
the state income tax.  This local share, the Local Government Distribution Fund,
is outlined in the State Constitution.


As the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus' Executive Board Chair, I am actively working with our legislators to see that this unfair mandate does not become legislation.  Residents of all communities should realize that this attempt by the State to balance its budget on the backs of local taxing bodies only increases the burden on residents, who would surely see property tax increases as a result.


I will do my best to keep our residents informed on this issue, through the eNewsletter and on Addison Community Television. 


In the meantime, the Village will continue to deliver the services we have always provided.



Branch Pickup Continues

Branches Picked Up First Week of Every Month

The Village of Addison offers seasonal branch pickup service to residents from April through October. Branch pickup will begin on the first Monday of each month, April through October, and finish by the end of the week, regardless of where you reside within the Village.

Branches should be on the parkway the Sunday before the scheduled pickup week. The service dates are listed below.  Contracted crews will pass down each street only one time, and only one collection will be made Village-wide per month.

Branch Pickup Service Dates

May 2
June 6
July 5
August 1
September 5
October 3


The requirements for Branch Pickup are as follows:

  • Branches must be placed curbside on the parkway, not in the street, stacked in one direction, with the thicker ends facing the street. DO NOT cross stack branches.
  • Branches should be limited to eight feet in length and 8 inches in diameter.
  • Limbs larger than 8 inches in diameter should be cut into 16-inch log lengths and placed separate from the branches.
  • Branches should not be tied with string, wire, etc.
  • Branch piles containing root balls, lumber, metal, glass, yard waste or other debris, as well as large branch mound that have been multi-directionally cross stacked, will not be picked up.
  • Branches should not be stacked in the alley or along private drives.  These will not be picked up.
  • No contractor cuttings will be picked up.
  • Branch piles should not be placed on the the parkway prior to or after the weekend prior to pick-up.  All branches must be stored in the back yard until then.

The Village’s Branch Pick-up program is truly a service to Addison residents. It encourages each resident and building owner to pride themselves in the health, aesthetics and value of their home, building, surrounding yard and landscape. It promotes the community’s desire to beautify our neighborhoods while maintaining safe and healthy surroundings. Each month, April through October, a resident or building owner has the opportunity to place branches out curb-side in front of their property. The programs service level may range from the pick-up of a single broken branch placed out on the parkway, to the pick-up removal of a resident's entire tree, cut up and stacked as specified under the program's requirements.

Should you have further questions, please contact the Village of Addison Public Works Department at 630/620-2020.


Village Employees of the Month

Eric Pabon
Operator IV
Public Works Department
April 2011

Eric Pabon, the April, 2011 Employee of the Month, has been a Village of Addison Employee for 3 ½ years. Before becoming full time in 2007, Eric worked part-time in the Sewer Department for 4 years.  As a Treatment Plant operator in the AJL facility, Eric also assists in maintaining lift stations for the sewer division. 

Besides being a is a big sports fan and going to Bulls, White Sox and Bears games in his spare time, Eric also likes participating and playing in all types of sports and just likes staying active. Eric also enjoys hanging out with his family and friends. 

A Bit of Addison History

“The Addison Fire Department answered seven calls during the past week,” according to a report given by department member Les Schmidt that appeared in the July 29, 1964 edition of The Addison News-Bulletin.

“Thursday Company 2 answered a call in the residential area where there was a 44 gallon drum of gasoline burning in the garage.  The cause of the fire was questionable but evidence showed that the fire had been burning for some time because the ends of the drum were bulged.  This meant the drum was near explosion point.

“Friday, in the early morning, an automobile stopped for gasoline.  The driver pulled away from the pump before the attendant could remove the filler hose.  This caused the auto to pull the pump from its moorings, resulting in a lot of damage.

“Also on Friday there was a fire caused by an electric wire lying on the ground.  The same day there was a grass fire which did little damage.

“Saturday the Fire Department was summoned to a factory in the industrial section where an electric cord from a machine had shorted out causing extensive damage.

“Later the same day there was a car fire caused by a short in the electrical system.  Also Saturday, in the evening, the Fire Department was summoned to assist the police in a search. 

“This accounting of fire calls winds up another week of Addison Fire News.”

For further information on this subject, visit the Addison Historical Museum, 135 Army Trail Road, Addison.  Open Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  Phone:  (630) 628-1433.  email:

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