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May 2013

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Mayor Richard VeenstraFrom the Desk of
Mayor Rich Veenstra

More than 20 years ago, the late Village President Anthony Russotto described a vision of what he believed Addison could be.

He brought together a group of men and women with different backgrounds, experiences and ideas. I was proud to be one of them, appointed to the board in 1992.

What we saw was a village of possibilities and potential, a village that had a unique advantage – its people.

Under the leadership of Mayor Larry Hartwig, we helped transform that vision into reality, and over the years we have seen remarkable growth and progress.

The commitment to service and to the people of Addison is a legacy that has been passed down from one administration to the next, and I am dedicated to continuing that legacy.

Knowing that we have been entrusted to ensure the safety and well-being of 37,000 is truly humbling, and that trust is something that my fellow elected officials and I will never violate.

As my predecessors clearly understood, the role of the mayor is more than making unilateral decision. To serve the community, the mayor must have a team that understands what service means, shares a common commitment, and always puts the needs of the community first.

I cannot tell you how proud I am that I have that team.

They combine experience, expertise, new ideas, new energy, and share the vision and desire to advance the Addison Advantage.

However, that's not all that is needed. To have a vibrant community, you have to have an energized community. YOU, the residents, must be involved. Governance is shared and not the sole responsibility of the elected. It is our community, and all of us shape its future.

So as I begin my term as Mayor of the Village of Addison, I renew that commitment to you and to the community.

I promise that neither the responsibilities of office, nor the trust you have bestowed upon me, will be taken lightly. And I thank you for the honor and privilege of serving our village.


Rich Veenstra

Overhead Sewer Grant Program Available to Residents

Installation May Alleviate Backups in Older Homes

The recent rains that hit more than 40 counties in Illinois cost millions of dollars in flood damage. In addition to surface flooding, however, some homes also experience sewer backups.

Some older homes in Addison are subject to basement sewer back-ups because sanitary sewer lines exit the basement below the floor level; closer to the elevation of the Village sanitary sewer main. During a heavy rain event, storm water can infiltrate into the Village sanitary sewer system which may cause the sanitary sewer main to surcharge causing sanitary sewage to back-up into the home.

A home equipped with an overhead sewer can either eliminate or significantly reduce the frequency of back-ups. Retrofitting home sanitary plumbing systems can be expensive which discourages many homeowners from taking necessary corrective actions.

The Village of Addison Overhead Sewer Grant Program was created to reduce some of the costs associated with the installation of an overhead sewer. The program is limited to residents who own and occupy a single family dwelling within the Village of Addison.

The maximum grant amount available will be 25 percent of the cost of the overhead sewer installation with a maximum amount not to exceed $2,000. Grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are no longer available.

In order to participate in the program, either a contractor or homeowner must

apply for a building permit. (In order to have building permit fees waived, the property owner must co-sign the permit application.)

Along with the application, submit two copies of the plans, which must include a general floor plan showing the layout of the basement and the proposed location of the ejector pump, basin and required electrical receptacle. The plan must also include the type of materials and sizes of all valves, piping and equipment.

The permit process will usually take about two weeks for review and approval. An option is to schedule an "Instant Permit" which will take about 30-minutes. However, this permit process is only available by appointment on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. To schedule an appointment, please call (630) 693-7530.

The actual installation of the system must be completed by an Illinois licensed plumber. It is recommended that you ask for reference and check these references so that you are satisfied with the contractor's history.

Upon completion of all work and required inspections, the homeowner must submit in writing a request for reimbursement and submit copies of receipts verifying the cost of the installation.

If you are interested in the Overhead Sewer Grant Program, please contact the Community Development Department at (630) 693-7530.

The Buzz on Bugs: Invasive Insects Can Cause Havoc for Trees

Spring and summer are a prime time for insects. While most are harmless, some species can be dangerous to trees as well as people.

Parkway trees, as well as those on private property, can experience problems

due to invasive insects. Parkway trees will be serviced, and when necessary, removed by the Village when they are infected. For information about invasive insects and what can be done for trees on private property, click here.

Emerald Ash Borer
Japanese Beetle
Boxelder Bugs

Gypsy Moth
Cottony Maple Scale
Asian Longhorn Beetle

A Message from Former Mayor Larry Hartwig

I want to thank the many residents of the Village of Addison and friends who attended the Retirement Party held for me at the Shrine Center on Sunday, April 21.

I truly appreciated the many good wishes I received and will always be grateful for the opportunity you gave me to serve as your mayor for the past 18 years and, prior to that, as a trustee for 7 years. It has been a privilege to work with so many wonderful people.

I step down knowing our Village will be in good hands and ask you to join me in supporting Mayor Veenstra and the Board of Trustees.

I wish God’s richest blessings on you and the entire Village of Addison.


Congressman Peter Roskam was one of the dignitaries who spoke at Mayor Hartwig retirement dinner on April 21. He presented a plaque of the Congressional Record, recognizing the Mayor's years of service to the Village of Addison.  

Mayor Hartwig spoke to guests at the end of the retirement dinner.

Nearly 300 people attended the event, and presented a gift – a crystal globe engraved with the following: "The World Needs Dreamers and Doers – Thank You for Dreaming and 30 Years of Doing.

WindmillA Bit of Addison History

In 1959 the Rock River Conference of the Methodist Church took a survey of the residents of Addison to see if there were enough Methodists living in the area to establish a new church.  A meeting was held at Fullerton School in October of that year, and it was determined that there was a need, so the group began to organize a new church, which they planned to name Good Samaritan Methodist Church.

The first service was held at Fullerton School on December 6, 1959, with the organizing pastor, Rev. Richard F. Mellor officiating.  An organizational service was then held at the same location on January 31, 1960, with 153 charter members present, plus many dignitaries of the Methodist Church.  Soon afterward, property at 960 Army Trail Road was purchased as the future site of a church building.

Rev. Mellor continued at the church until April 1960, when Rev. Fred B. Morris moved into Addison and became the pastor of the congregation.  Rev. Morris and his wife moved into a home located on Natalie Lane near Army Trail Road, and there board meetings, choir practice and youth activities were held in the basement.

Services continued to be held at Fullerton School until July 1962, when the new church building was complete. 

Around the same time, Westwood residential subdivision, located just east of the new church, was being built by Justin A. Caron & Co., Inc.  Three new streets being built in the new subdivision were given names connected with the new church:  Wesley Drive, named after John Wesley, who founded the Methodist Church; Brashares Drive, named after Charles Wesley Brashares, who was the Methodist Bishop of the Chicago area at the time; and Morris Avenue, named after Rev. Fred B. Morris, the Addison church’s first pastor mentioned above.

The museum is open on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., and is located at 135 Army Trail Road in Addison.  Phone:  (630) 628-1433.  email:


Rudy EspedidoEmployee of the Month

Rudy Espedido
Village Engineer
Community Development Department
April 2012

Rudy Espedido has been a Village of Addison employee since December 1984.

Rudy supervises the Engineering Division in the Community Development Department with duties that include: preparing the annual budget for MFT, STP, CMAQ, CDBG, and other capital projects; seeking grant funds; implementing the Subdivision Control Ordinance, as well as, the Stormwater and Floodplain Ordinances.

He also coordinates the preparation of the FEMA CRS that would maintain a discount of flood insurance premiums for the residents and he disseminates floodplain information to vendors, residents and insurance agents.

Rudy and his wife Lynore have two daughters, Michelle (30) and Nicole (27).

Rudy enjoys going for long walks and long drives and also spending time with his family, relatives and friends. In his spare time, besides watching television, Rudy likes to lay tiles, floorboards, trims and bricks.

News Blurbs

Memorial Day Celebration May 27

Join us to celebrate Memorial Day with a March and Ceremony on Monday, May 27.

The Village of Addison will partner with DeVry University's Military Resource Club and the Addison VFW for a March through neighborhoods at 10 a.m. The march begins and ends at Village Hall.

It will be followed by the traditional Memorial Day Ceremony hosted by the VFW on the Village Green at 11 a.m.

For more information click here.

Miss Addison Applications Available

Applications for the 2013 Miss Addison Scholarship Pageant are now available. Young women between the ages of 17 and 21 who are residents of Addison are encouraged to apply by July 2, 2013.

Miss Addison will receive a $2,000 scholarship. First runner up will receive $1,000 and second runner up $500 in scholarships.

For a full list of criteria and the application, please click here.

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