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November 2012

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MayorFrom the Desk of
Mayor Larry Hartwig

Elected officials take seriously their responsibility in representing their residents. Our job is to act on your behalf. We can never please everyone, but we hope that we are able to please most.

And while some decisions come easily, there are others that require a lot of thought.

In 2009, the Illinois State Legislature gave municipalities the right to license businesses and allow them have a limited number of video gaming terminals in their establishments. Only businesses with liquor licenses would be allowed these terminals, which allow gambling of up to $2 per game, and they would be limited to 5 machines per business.

At the time Addison along with most other communities in our area declined the opportunity to pursue this, although we didn't pass an ordinance to prohibit it either. The issue was never really brought to the Board for any type of decision.

A few months ago, business owners in town came to Board meeting and made a formal request for us to consider allowing video gaming in Addison. They asked that they be allowed this added revenue source at a time when things are so tough.

Since that time, we have investigated the matter more fully, and have tried to gain as much public input as we can. Our Citizens Advisory Commission contacted residents in each of their neighborhoods and brought back opinions. And in early October, we held a public meeting, inviting input.

So far, most people seem to be in favor of it. The fact of the matter is, things have changed since 2009. Many other communities in our area already allow this, or are moving to allow it. And by not allowing this amenity in Addison businesses, we may put them at a disadvantage in comparison to those in nearby towns.

Also, this type of game of chance is very similar to the lottery, which we have all become accustomed to. You can purchase tickets now from vending machines in most businesses you frequent.

On Monday, Nov. 5 the matter will formally come before the Village's Finance & Policy Committee. If approved, it will move to the Village Board later that evening for first reading of the ordinance. Final approval would be two weeks later, at the Village Board meeting of Nov. 19.

I would invite interested residents to share their opinions with us so we can make an educated decision. Both the Finance & Policy and Board meetings are open to the public. If you prefer not to speak at a public meeting, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you. You may call Village Hall, or if you rather, email me with your questions or comments.

Larry Hartwig signature

Larry Hartwig


Tree Lighting
Erradication of Emerald Ash Borer Continues Throughout Addison

The presence of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) was first discovered in Addison in July 2009 and has since been found infesting ash trees to some extent in nearly every subdivision throughout the Village.

Since its discovery, the Village of Addison has been engaged in the ongoing process of delineating the extent of localized infestations, removing and replacing positive identifications, and inspecting suspect trees along the Village right-of-ways.

The Village continues to mark and remove positively identified infested public ash trees in an attempt to slow the rate of infestation and tree mortality, as each year the rate of infestation increases exponentially.

Trees removed will be replaced during future planting seasons by the Village (subject to appropriate tree spacing).

Infested trees found on private property shall be addressed through Village ordinances. Ash tree owners may ask about chemical treatment options to help protect their trees; however the only guaranteed method to control Emerald Ash Borer is to remove the host tree(s).

The Village of Addison has approximately 2,100 ash trees scattered throughout Addison’s parkways, making up roughly 15 percent of the village’s 14,000 estimated total canopy.

The Village proactively eliminated the planting of Ash species in the Village parkways and new subdivision construction after reports of wide spread damage throughout Michigan in 2002, helping to insure a greater species diversity throughout Addison.

Once identified as infested by Village arborists, the suspect Ash tree shall be designated as a required removal. Ash trees not confirmed as infested can be treated with insecticides to help prevent infestation.

Boring insects already in the tree, improper applications or improper timing of applications contribute to poor or ineffective control. Chemical applications will need to be applied to a healthy tree annually for the term of that tree’s existence. When considering ongoing, annual usage of insecticidal control, one should weigh the value of the tree against the cost of treatment.

Even if a property owner has invested time and money in proactive treatments, the Village will require its removal if the tree in question has been determined to be infested.

Again, the only guaranteed method to control Emerald Ash Borer is to remove the host tree(s). Insects and insect holes are commonly found in parkway trees. Several native wood boring insects are often found attacking weakened ash trees.

In order to remove the trees quickly to limit further spread, the Village has contracted with an outside company for the removal of more than 400 ash trees. Village crews will continue to remove trees as well.

Delores TemesEmployee of the Month

Delores Temes
Deputy Director of Communications
Police Department
October 2012

Delores Temes has been Deputy Director of Communications in the Police Department for the past 17 years. She manages the operations of the Addison Consolidated Dispatch Center.

Delores is also responsible for hiring and training employees and writing policies.

Delores, and her partner Kate, have two sons, Anthony, who is 18 and attends Illinois State University, and Thomas, who is 15 and a Sophomore at Community High School.

Her hobbies include golfing, hiking, cooking and wine tasting.

News Blurbs

'Ask Mayor Hartwig' Nov. 5

Mayor Larry Hartwig makes his monthly appearance on Addison Community Television’s “Before the Board” program on Monday, Nov. 5, to answer questions from viewers live, on “Ask Mayor Hartwig.”

Tune in at 6 p.m., and call the phone number on your screen to speak with the Mayor about a question or concern.

Or email your question before or during the program to

Addison Community Television appears on Comcast Cable Channel 6, AT&T U-Verse Channel 99 or can be viewed anytime online here.

Village Office Holiday Hours

The Village of Addison Offices will be closed Thursday, Nov. 22 and Friday, Nov. 23, for the Thanksgiving holiday. Offices will resume normal business hours at 8 a.m., Monday, Nov. 26.

The Addison Police Department is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Trick or Treat Hours

The Village’s Trick or Treat Hours will be on Wednesday, Oct. 31 from 3 to 7 p.m.

Children should only trick or treat within three blocks of their home. Parents are encourage to supervise children at all times, especially when crossing streets.

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