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Mayor Rich Veenstra
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Village Trustees:
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Cathy Kluczny
Sylvia Layne
William Lynch
Joe McDermott
Harry Theodore

Village Manager
Joe Block ................................... 630-693-7503

Assistant Village Manager
John Berley ................................ 630-693-7532

Human Resources ................... 630-693-7504

Water Billing .............................. 630-693-7570

Community Development
Engineering, zoning, building permits, code enforcement ...............................630-693-7530

Community Relations
Cable television, website, media relations, special events ........................... 630-693-7550

Public Works
Streets, water, tree trimming, branch pickup ...........................................630-620-2020

Environmental Services
Recycling, waste removal, sewer backups, flood control ............................... 630-279-2140

Police (Non-Emergency)
Traffic violations, crime prevention programs, stray animals .........630-543-3080



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October 2014

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Mayor Richard VeenstraFrom the Desk of
Mayor Rich Veenstra

Over the past year, I have spoken a lot about community spirit, and showing off who we are as a community. When we come together to share experiences and work together, we collectively define what Addison is, to ourselves and to those outside.

To me, nothing embodies that more than the Mayor's Community Charity Ball. This will be the 24th year that community members will gather to help those in need, right here in Addison. The event will be held on Saturday, Nov. 15 at Alta Villa Banquets.

Just as we saw a dramatic rise in participation in our summer events, I would love to see the same happen for the Mayor's Ball. And it can – just as our summer events are open to our entire community, so is the Mayor's Ball. Everyone is welcome to attend, and help us to raise money for 18 local charities and service organizations who will all use these funds in Addison.

Above, Mayor Rich Veenstra and his wife hosted their first Mayor's Community Charity Ball in 2013. Below, guests browsed the Silent Auction, which featured more than 350 items.

You don't have to be member of one of the participating organizations, and you don't have to be a friend of any of our officials. You just need to care about Addison, and want to enjoy yourself for a fun evening of great food, entertainment and fun.

Money will go to our local food pantry, scholarship opportunities, foster families, recreation, art and cultural programs and those recovering from substance abuse. These funds are raised through the dinner tickets (a portion of each ticket goes to the cause of your choice,) cash raffle and silent auction.

Participating organizations this year are: Addison Community Switchboard, Addison Center for the Arts, Addison Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Americans of Italian Descent, Concord Lutheran School, District 4 Foundation for Educational Excellence, District 88 Foundation, Good Samaritan United Methodist Church, Kiwanis Club, Knights of Columbus, Lutherbrook Child & Adolescent Center, Medinah Shriners, Parks & Recreation Foundation, Rotary Club, Serenity House Counseling Services, Sister Cities of Addison, Student Participation Center and Women's Club.

Tickets are $80 per person; purchase by Oct. 31 and they are just $75. You can purchase yours at Village Hall in the Community Relations Department, or online here.

l hope you'll join us on Nov. 15. If you have any questions, please contact the Community Relations Department at 630/693-7550.


Rich Veenstra

Be Mindful of Water Quality This Fall

With the beginning of fall, it is time for football, cooler days and changing leaves. However, the changing season also brings the inevitable need for yard cleanup.

All DuPage County residents live in a watershed, meaning most everything entering storm drains eventually runs into rivers or streams. In autumn, leaves are oftentimes blown or swept into storm drains and waterways and can become a source of water pollution. Once they reach waterways, leaves decompose and release phosphorous into the water, which can result in algae blooms and decreased oxygen for fish.

However, pollutants are not the only problem. Leaves can also build up along curbs, gutters and storm drains, which blocks stormwater runoff from entering this drainage infrastructure. Should a major weather event occur, this can lead to localized flooding.

DuPage County residents can help to keep excess leaves out of storm sewers and waterways by engaging in a number of activities.

  • Start a compost pile or add leaves to an existing one. While the organic debris is not ideal for aquatic life, composted leaves and other organic materials are an excellent resource for fertilizing your garden in the summer months. It provides necessary nutrients, while also reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.
  • Leaves can be chopped into small pieces using a mulching mower, which will decompose directly on lawns. The leaf pieces can also be collected and spread around flowerbeds and shrubs as mulch.
  • If recycling leaves in-house is not an option, residents may bring leaves to DuPage Yard Waste (1195 W. Washington St., West Chicago) for a fee. To transport, collect leaves in a secure and properly sealed paper bag to ensure they do not blow into storm sewers or streams.
  • Residents may also contact their local municipality or waste hauler for information on leaf removal services.

For more information, visit


Download print friendly Fall Fest Schedule

Let the Sun Shine In

Addison Receives Sunshine Award for Online Transparency

The Illinois Policy Institute recently conducted online transparency audits on Illinois' 51st through 75th largest municipalities as part of their Local Transparency Project.

Addison was one of only three communities to earn the "Sunshine Award" for online transparency by scoring 80 percent or better. The Village of Addison and its website,, achieved a score of 80.2. The average score by municipalities, was 48.2.

"We strive to make sure information is readily available to our residents, so we are happy to hear that we are leading the way," said Village Manager Joe Block.

According to the Illinois Police Institute online transparency – meaning records, financial information, meeting minutes, etc. are readily available online – benefits communities by:

  • Deterring public corruption
  • Building trust between local government, the community and the media
  • Reducing the number of and costs associated with Freedom of Information Act requests
  • Educating citizens and increasing community engagement
  • Eliminating expensive printing costs

Billboard removal

Another One Bites the Dust

On Tuesday, September 30, the billboard near the southeast corner of Lake Street and Rohlwing Road was removed, as part of the annexation agreement between the Village of Addison and the property owner.

Thirteen billboards originally were constructed in unincorporated locations in Addison, permitted by DuPage County, but the Village has continually sought their removals.

Six had already been removed, including: Hamilton Partners property, adjacent to the tollway; in front of the old Mason Company building on Lake Street; near Links & Tees; southeast corner of Lake Street and Villa Avenue; near TK Realty; and behind Nikki's Tanning Salon, after it was damaged in a wind storm.

There are six billboards left, three of which removal is being discussed as part of future annexations.

Joe MuragliaEmployees of the Month

Joseph Muraglia
Public Maintenance Worker III
Public Works Department
August 2014

Joe Muraglia has worked in Public Works – Environmental Services as a Public Maintenance Worker III for 27 years. He maintains sanitary and storm lift stations.

Joe is married to Lisa and has four children: Amanda, 26; Joseph, 22; Samantha, 17; and Emma, 13.

He enjoys spending time with his family and attending their sports activities.

Filomena LehmanFilomena Lehman
Crime Analyst/Investigative Aide
Police Department
September 2014

Filomena Lehman has worked at the Village for 18 years as a Crime Analyst/Investigative Aide with the Police Department. Her duties include conducting all background checks for employees, liquor license applicants, businesses, firefighters, etc. She keeps a matrix of crimes for patterns, sex offender registrations, and is recording secretary for the Police Commission & Pension Board.

Filomena is married to Carl and has two sons: Tony (30), who recently got engaged to Caroline; and Frank (25), who just completed 4 years in the Air Force.

Filomena enjoys walking her dog Bella, and morning walks on the beach in Florida, reading, spending time with family and friends, eating and sipping wine.

News Blurbs

'Ask Mayor Veenstra' Live Oct. 6

Mayor Rich Veenstra will answer questions from residents Monday, Oct. 6, when he makes his monthly appearance on Addison Community Television's "Ask Mayor Veenstra" program.

Tune in to the live broadcast at 6 p.m. and call the phone number on your screen to speak with the mayor about a question or concern.

Or email your question before or during the program to

Addison Community Television can been seen on Comcast Cable Channel 6, AT&T U-Verse Channel 99, and is streamed online here.

Landscape Waste Ends in November

The Village of Addison provides landscape waste pickup each year, April through the end of November.

Grass and other landscape waste should be kept separate from other solid wastes, and will be removed on normal garbage pickup days by the contracted waste hauler. Acceptable yard waste will be collected either from bags or trash cans.

For more details on proper ways to dispose of landscape waste, please click here.

Final Branch Pickup Next Week

The final seasonal branch pickup service to residents will take place next week, beginning Monday and finish by the end of the week.

Branches should be on the parkway the Sunday evening. Contracted crews will pass down each street only one time.

For more information about Branch Pickup, please click here.

Trick or Treat Hours

The Village’s Trick or Treat Hours will be on Friday, Oct. 31 from 3 to 7 p.m.

Children should only trick or treat within three blocks of their home. Parents are encourage to supervise children at all times, especially when crossing streets.

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