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Mayor Rich Veenstra
Clerk Lucille Zucchero

Village Trustees:
Cathy Kluczny
Tom Hundley
Sylvia Layne
William Lynch
Joe McDermott
Harry Theodore

Village Manager
Joe Block ................................... 630-693-7503

Assistant Village Manager
John Berley ................................ 630-693-7532

Human Resources ................... 630-693-7504

Water Billing .............................. 630-693-7570

Community Development
Engineering, zoning, building permits, code enforcement ...............................630-693-7530

Community Relations
Cable television, website, media relations, special events ........................... 630-693-7550

Public Works
Streets, water, tree trimming, branch pickup ...........................................630-620-2020

Environmental Services
Recycling, waste removal, sewer backups, flood control ............................... 630-279-2140

Police (Non-Emergency)
Traffic violations, crime prevention programs, stray animals .........630-543-3080



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September 2013

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Mayor Richard VeenstraFrom the Desk of
Mayor Rich Veenstra

Since taking office, I've had the opportunity to meet other mayors from many other communities, big and small. I've quickly realized that while the basic duties may be the same from town to town, the job itself is very different depending on where you are. And this has made me ask myself, "What makes Addison, Addison?"

I think the biggest difference in Addison is, we seem to take the idea of "community" very seriously. While some people may hear the word community and just think of it as the place they live, we think of it as something more. It is the place where we make our home, raise our children, engage with friends, and often, find a common purpose to make a difference and lend a helping hand.

I often point to the Mayor's Community Charity Ball as an example what makes Addison unique. No one I've spoken to has heard of another event of its kind – where nearly every charity and service organization in town works TOGETHER toward a common goal, and shares the rewards of it.

It is with that spirit of cooperation that I've begun meeting regularly with representatives from our other taxing bodies, foundations and service clubs to find other ways that we can work together toward a common goal. Each of these agencies has its own mission, of course. But by pooling efforts, the work is not only shared, but so are the benefits. And every time something like that happens, our community as a whole benefits.

This group has already brainstormed ideas and begun putting plans in place to increase community participation and spirit. This "Addison Advantage" committee has begun efforts to expand the Memorial Day March and Ceremony next May.

Leading up to it, we plan to involve the schools to give our young people a better understanding of the sacrifices that have been made for our country, by men and women right here in Addison. To begin increasing awareness, plans are already underway to recognize service personnel at the Oct. 4 Addison Trail football game.

Other more long term plans to bring back a parade and expand summer events are also being discussed. All of this with the understanding that involvement from every corner of the community is not only welcome, but really an integral part of any success.

I'm looking forward to seeing more from this committee, and letting you know of its future plans.


Rich Veenstra

Vehicle Stickers On Sale Now

Must Be Displayed by Oct. 1

Vehicle stickers are now on sale, and may be purchased by mail or at the Village Hall Collection Office at 1 Friendship Plaza.  Stickers are valid Oct. 1, 2013 through Sept. 30, 2014.

Residents who currently have an Addison vehicle sticker should have received a preprinted renewal form in the mail.  We encourage residents to verify the accuracy of the information on the form, and save time by using the return envelope provided.

Please note that vehicles that do not display a sticker by Oct. 1 will be ticketed by Addison Police.  Anyone purchasing a sticker after Oct. 1 will incur a $10 late charge. 

New residents may download a vehicle registration form here.

Collection office hours are Monday 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. and Tuesday through Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

If you have any questions concerning vehicle stickers or fees, please call the Collections Office at 543-4100 ext. 7564.

Vehicle Sticker Fees
Passenger vehicles $25.00
Recreational vehicles 31.00
Motorcycles 14.00
Trucks up to 8,000 lbs. (Class B) 44.00
Trucks 8,001 to 12,000 lbs. (Class D) 65.00
Trucks 12,001 to 16,000 lbs. (Class F) 90.00
Trucks 16,001 to 26,000 lbs. (Class H) 109.00
Trucks 26,001 lbs./semi-truck/tractors 131.00
Senior Citizens 1.00
Antique Plates 1.00
Handicapped and/or disabled veterans 1.00
Active, full-time armed forces personnel 1.00

New Parkway Trees Are Thirsty

Remember To Do Your Part to Keep New Trees Healthy

During the past few months, the Village of Addison's Public Works Department – Forestry Division has planted more than 300 trees throughout the community. Many of these were to replace parkway trees that had to be removed due to the Emerald Ash Borer infestation.

If you have a new tree in your parkway, Public Works asks for your help to ensure the survival of the young tree – it will take just a few minutes per week to help out greatly.

An irrigation bag has been placed around the trunk of the parkway tree, and it was initially filled with water. This bag will allow the water to slowly drain and saturate the root ball over a slow period of time.

Watering the tree is not necessary, nor is it recommended. All that is needed is to refill the irrigation bag by inserting a garden hose in the opening under the label flap.

As we experience dry weather, a thorough deep soaking once every seven days in necessary for your tree's heath and survival. If you notice dry or cracking soil around your tree, additional watering may be necessary.

A Public Works employee will occasionally inspect the tree throughout the summer and fall. The irrigation bag will be removed in the fall to be used for next year's plantings. If your tree was staked, with straps around the tree, they will be removed next year.

New Tree Do's and Don'ts


Water the tree every day


Fill the irrigation bag with water

Wet the mulched area around the tree

Your new tree will do the rest!

Please remember that you may call Public Works if you have questions or concerns, at 630-620-2020. Leave a message for Steve C. and he will return your call as soon as possible.



WindmillA Bit of Addison History

Arthur W. Cutten was known as the “wheat king,” because he had built a small fortune speculating on Chicago Board of Trade commodities. 

He had a 500-acre farm called Sunny Acres on which there was a large mansion with extensive gardens.  The property was located in what is now Hidden Lake Forest Preserve, which is just north of The Morton Arboretum.

Mr. Cutten’s head butler was Charles Johnson, who had immigrated to the United States from Sweden. A lady named Marie was Mr. Cutten’s cook and her cousin, Max Bergholt, was his gardener.

When Charles Johnson had saved enough money he purchased Green Mill Gardens, which was a wholesale greenhouse in Addison.  The business was located on the south side of Lake Street, just west of what is now known as Briar Hill Lane. 

There were probably 75 men who worked at the greenhouse.  Most of them were Swedish immigrants.  Thousands of mums and geraniums were grown there, and azaleas that had been grown in bogs in Wisconsin were also available. 

Plants were sold to the public in one of the greenhouses close to the front of the property; it was called the show house. 

Also on the property was a huge dining hall and sleeping quarters, which was called the bunkhouse.  

There were glass greenhouses all up and down the property and several trucks were used to deliver plants to other wholesalers as well as retail customers.  The greenhouse workers wore flat woolen hats, even in the summer, and not much English was spoken there.

At least one of the workers started his own greenhouse after having worked at Green Mill Gardens.  He was Fritz Hellgren and he located his business in Glen Ellyn. 

Also, Charles Lee Johnson, who was a nephew of Charles Johnson, bought land in Peotone and had a greenhouse there for more than 45 years. 

Towards the back of Green Mill Gardens there was a hill and a few houses. At some point, Charles had married Mr. Cutten’s cook Marie, and they lived in one of them.    Max Bergholt and his wife also lived in one of the houses. 

When Charles died in the mid-1950’s everything was left to Marie.  She died shortly thereafter and left everything, including Green Mill Gardens, to her cousin, Max Bergholt.  After Max died the greenhouses fell into disrepair and the land on which they sat was eventually sold. 

Much of the above information was provided by Carol Johnson, who is Charles Johnson’s great niece.  The ad for Green Mill Gardens below appeared in the 1977 Chamber of Commerce map of Addison.  Please contact the Addison Historical Museum by phone at (630) 628-1433 or by email at if you can provide any further information about this subject. 

Joanne SampsonEmployee of the Month

Joanne Sampson
Records Clerk
Police Department
July 2013

Joanne Sampson has worked in the Village of Addison Police Department for 9-1/2 years.

She is responsible for the Photo Enforcement Safety Program, as well as keeping the Police Department and Village Code websites updated.

She also works part-time as a backup evidence custodian.

Joanne, and her husband Rick, have a dog (Darcy) and a cat (Sally). She enjoys gardening, running, reading and walking her dog.

Cathy HundleyCathy Hundley
Police Department
August 2013

Cathy Hundley has worked in the Village of Addison Police Department for 26 years. She is currently assigned as a Patrol Supervisor on the afternoon shift.

Cathy is married to Tom, a Village of Addison Trustee, and they have six children: Bobby (21); Jack (16); Mike (16); Dave (14); Sam (24) and John (21).

She enjoys reading and working out, and attending her children's sports events, which are throughout the year.

News Blurbs

Automated Payments Available

Automated bank debiting is available for your water/sewer bill. Arrange to have your bill paid automatically from a checking or savings account.

You will receive a bill each month detailing your charges so that you can keep track; however there is no need to send in a check because the amount will automatically be withdrawn.

To learn more, or to download an application, click here.

Recycling Carts Are On Their Way

New recycling carts, originally scheduled to arrive on residents's curbs in July, will begin arriving this month.

As part of the new waste hauling contract with Republic Services, single family residents will receive a new 65-gallon rollable recycling container to replace the current bin.

Once the new 65-gallon container is delivered, the old recycling containers may no longer be placed at the curb. Residents may keep their old recycling bin if they would like, but they may not continue to use it for recycled items.

If the resident does not want the old container, they may bring it to the Recycling Center and drop it off in the roll off that will be supplied specifically for recycling the old containers. This roll off will not be available until Republic delivers the new containers.

The Recycling Center is located at the North Waste Water Treatment Plant, 711 N. Addison Road.

There is no charge to the resident for the container. This was included at no cost to the residents with the new contract. There will also be no increase in trash rates. The rates that were in effect April 2012 will stay in effect until April 2014.

To learn more, click here for Recycling Cart FAQs.

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