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Village of Addison
1 Friendship Plaza
Addison IL 60101-2786


Mayor Rich Veenstra
Clerk Lucille Zucchero

Village Trustees:
Tom Hundley
Cathy Kluczny
Sylvia Layne
William Lynch
Joe McDermott
Harry Theodore

Village Manager
Joe Block ................................... 630-693-7503

Assistant Village Manager
John Berley ................................ 630-693-7532

Human Resources ................... 630-693-7504

Water Billing .............................. 630-693-7570

Community Development
Engineering, zoning, building permits, code enforcement ...............................630-693-7530

Community Relations
Cable television, website, media relations, special events ........................... 630-693-7550

Public Works
Streets, water, tree trimming, branch pickup ...........................................630-620-2020

Environmental Services
Recycling, waste removal, sewer backups, flood control ............................... 630-279-2140

Police (Non-Emergency)
Traffic violations, crime prevention programs, stray animals .........630-543-3080



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September 2015

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Mayor Richard VeenstraFrom the Desk of
Mayor Rich Veenstra

One of the things that makes a true community is when members of it take ownership and responsibility for their surroundings. Whether it's picking up a piece of stray trash, or reporting when we see something suspicious, we make our community better by helping out when we can.

Few people would fail to come to the aid of a lost child, or call 911 when they see smoke billowing out of a home. But often people are too busy or simply forgetful to make a phone call when they see something that isn't really urgent, but does require attention.

Our Village staff works hard to take care of these kinds of issues – potholes, burned out street lights, etc. – but the simple fact is they can't be everywhere and see everything. That's where our residents come in.

We have launched a free smartphone app – Addison Connect – that will allow you to report an issue with a few clicks, and track the progress on the issue to see how it is resolved.

Mayor Rich Veenstra and Community Relations Director Don Weiss recently discussed the new Addison Connect mobile app on Ask Mayor Veenstra. Click here to view the video, including a demonstration of how to make a report through the app, and what happens once a report is received.

Receiving a phone call is still a valuable way of communicating with us. But through this app, residents can do more than just report something to us. They can upload a photo, and pinpoint exactly where the issue is thanks to the GPS on their phone. This will allow staff to know exactly where to go, and what is necessary to rectify the situation.

When an issue is received through Addison Connect, the appropriate employees are notified immediately. As progress is made, such as a crew being sent out or repairs being made, the resident who reported it can track its progress. Even more importantly, internally the progress can be tracked so that we can see how quickly issues are being handled.

I encourage our residents to utilize any method of communication they wish, be it telephone, email or Addison Connect, to become an active, interested member of the Addison Community.


Rich Veenstra

Village of Addison Launches Smartphone App to Keep Residents Connected

'Addison Connect' Allows Residents to Report, Track Concerns


The Village of Addison's new smartphone app, Addison Connect, now allows residents to identify issues and report those service requests directly to the appropriate department.

Residents can upload a photo or video of the concern and mark the geographic location on a map. Each request is provided a unique tracking number so the user is able to see when action is taken.

Some of the concerns that residents can report through the app include potholes, abandoned vehicles, illegal trash dumping and broken streetlights.

This information is immediately sent to the appropriate staff member, as well as his supervisor, and a backup staff person in case someone is out of the office or on vacation.

"This app will help expedite service, because the exact location of the issue is recorded with the service request," said Village Manager Joe Block. "It also allows us to keep track of how long requests take to be serviced, and to see if certain areas of town are experiencing an unusual number of the same type of problems."

Residents are encouraged to utilize the app, or visit the Village's website, to report any type of non-urgent concern.

Emergency concerns should always be reported to 911.


Download your smartphone app for free now!

Or make a report online here.

App Store         Google Play

Vehicle Stickers On Sale Now

Must Be Displayed by Oct. 1

Vehicle stickers are now on sale, and may be purchased by mail or at the Village Hall Collection Office at 1 Friendship Plaza.  Stickers are valid Oct. 1, 2015 through Sept. 30, 2016.

Residents who currently have an Addison vehicle sticker should have received a preprinted renewal form in the mail.  We encourage residents to verify the accuracy of the information on the form, and save time by using the return envelope provided.

Please note that vehicles that do not display a sticker by Oct. 1 will be ticketed by Addison Police.  Anyone purchasing a sticker after Oct. 1 will incur a $10 late charge. 

New residents may download a vehicle registration form here.

Collection office hours are Monday 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. and Tuesday through Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 

If you have any questions concerning vehicle stickers or fees, please call the Collections Office at 543-4100 ext. 7564.

Vehicle Sticker Fees
Passenger vehicles $25.00
Recreational vehicles 31.00
Motorcycles 14.00
Trucks up to 8,000 lbs. (Class B) 44.00
Trucks 8,001 to 12,000 lbs. (Class D) 65.00
Trucks 12,001 to 16,000 lbs. (Class F) 90.00
Trucks 16,001 to 26,000 lbs. (Class H) 109.00
Trucks 26,001 lbs./semi-truck/tractors 131.00
Senior Citizens 1.00
Antique Plates 1.00
Handicapped and/or disabled veterans 1.00
Active, full-time armed forces personnel 1.00

Hugo Perez and Rob DavisEmployees of the Month

Hugo Perez &
Robert Davis
Public Works Department
April 2015

Hugo Perez has been an employee of the Village since 2007, both as a Public Maintenance Worker I and in Electrical-Forestry. He maintains the water system throughout town and repairs water main breaks. He also works on fire hydrants and other various water services.

Hugo enjoys softball, bowling, snowmobiling, exercising/fitness, and spending time with his family.

Robert Davis has been employed by the Village for 18 years as a Public Maintenance Worker II in the Public Works Department. His job includes working on water main breaks, A.M.R. systems, water meters and maintenance of fire hydrants and water mains.

Rob is married to Cheryl and has three children: Emma, 13; Haylee, 9; and Rayna, 9. He enjoys golf, and hunting and likes to help coach his girls’ sport teams.

Eric BrandtEric Brandt
Patrol Officer
Police Department
May 2015

Eric Brandt, a Patrol Officer in the Police Department, has worked for the Village for 10 years. His duties include a combination of self-initiated and further investigation of reports from citizens of the community.

Eric has been married to Danielle and has three children: Rachael (22); Mason (17); and Brody (11). He also has one grandchild, Sophia, who is 1-1/2 years old.

His hobbies include outdoor activities with family, cooking and baking. He also likes to remodel houses and help with church activities.

Judy KmetJudy Kmet
Clerk Typist
Finance Department
June 2015

Judy Kmet has been a clerk-typist in Finance Department since 2001. She provides customer service assistance as it relates to the collection of monies for the Village. This services encompasses taking payments for water bills, issuing real estate transfer and tax stamps, and assisting with the sale of vehicle stickers, as well as, resolving many resident concerns.

Judy is married to Larry, and has a daughter, Heather. She also has three grandchildren: Bradley, Josephine and Dale.

Her hobbies include traveling, reading and collecting antique glassware. Judy also enjoys watching hockey and Jr. league football.

News Blurbs

'Ask Mayor Veenstra' Live Sept. 8

Mayor Rich Veenstra will answer questions from residents Tuesday, Sept. 8, when he makes his monthly appearance on Addison Community Television's "Ask Mayor Veenstra" program.

Tune in to the live broadcast at 6 p.m. and call the phone number on your screen to speak with the mayor about a question or concern. Or email your question before or during the program to

Addison Community Television can been seen on Comcast Cable Channel 6, AT&T U-Verse Channel 99, and is streamed online here.

Care of New Parkway Trees

The Village of Addison planted approximately 400 new parkway trees in 2014, and over the past several months an additional 500. Many of these were necessary because of the removal of infected ash trees.

Unfortunately, many of the new trees are dying of thirst. If a new parkway tree has been planted in front of your home, please remember to water it frequently during this new season.

Tree Trimming Removal

The Public Works Department reminds residents that if you are having trees trimmed on your property by a private contractor or paid individual, the contractor is responsible for removing any logs or trimmings.

Trimmings such as these are not eligible for the Village's Branch Pickup program. Residents should be sure that this is spelled out in the contract or agreement.

Remember Rx Box When Disposing of Medications

When you clean out your medicine cabinet, or stop taking a medicine, please remember that medications should never be flushed down the toilet or thrown into the garbage. Either of these can contaminate our water!

The Addison Police Department has an Rx Box right in the lobby, accessibly 24 hours a day. Drop your medications into this secure box, and they will be disposed of properly through the DuPage County Health Department.

Since the beginning of the Rx Box program in 2009, more than 25 tons of medication have been handled county-wide, and have been disposed of in a way as to not pollute our drinking water.

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