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Building & Zoning

The Community Development Department's Building Division oversees building permits and code enforcement.

Building Permits – required by code for all work, and code are processed and coordinated efficiently with staff.  The Instant Permit Program, established in 2000, allows homeowners to receive a permit in one short appointment for smaller home improvement projects.

Zoning Regulations – Enforcement of all building and property maintenance codes is performed by a team of professionally trained inspectors.  Ares of inspection include, new construction, redevelopment, new business licenses, rental housing, annual commercial/industrial, commercial/industrial pre-sale and property maintenance complaints.

For information, contact the Community Development Department at 630/693-7530.

The Community Development Director is John Berley.

Building Permits
Zoning Regulations

In addition, Community Development oversees the Residential Rental Inspection program.  A Housing Manual that identifies the procedures, codes, standards and requirements for all sites is available to property owners by clicking here.

  • With more than 1,000 residential rentail properties and nearly 4,000 residential rentail units, the Village implemented an incentive based Residential Rental Licensing Program.
  • All dwellings or dwelling units not occupied by the owner, where rent is charged, are required to obtain a Residential Rental License on an annual basis. The rental license year runs from May 1 - April 30, coinciding with the Village's fiscal year. Renewal licenses are sent in the mail the second week of Marh and are always due no later than April 30.
  • A yearly inspection is required where 20 percent of the units in a multi-family dwelling, as well as interior and exterior common areas are inspected. A grade is assessed at the endof the annual inspection with determines required re-inspections, the number of additiona inspections, and associated fees if any.
  • All owners of residential rental properties are required to attend an 8-hour Crime free Multi-Housing Class. This program conbines the efforts of the Addison Police Department and the owners and managers of rental properties to keep drugs, gangs, and illegal activity off of the property.
  • The Village created a Tenant Landlord Commission, which consists of seven members – four rental poperty owners and three tenants. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month in the Village Hall at 6:30 p.m. The purpsoe of this commission is to develop programs which will aid and benefit the Village through cooperation of the Village with owners of residentail rental property and the tenants of such properties. The Tenanct Landlord Commission reviews the operation of the Housing Inspection Rental Program, makes recommendations to the Village Board regarding the pprogram, and acts as the lisison with the owenrs of rental property and tenants of rental property within the Village.
  • For questions, concerns or comments regardign the Residentail Rental Licensing Progra, the Crime Free Housing Program, or wishing to verify the status of a Tenant Landlord Commission meeting, please email