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Building Permits: Garages and Driveways


  • A paved driveway is required to provide access to a garage.
  • No attached garage or carport may be converted to a living area unless the driveway can be relocated to the side yard. A minimum 10-foot side yard is required for a driveway.
  • A detached garage must be located in a rear yard, and setback a minimum of 10 feet from the house, 5 feet from all lot lines, and completely off any utility or drainage easements. Setback regulations for attached garages varies depending upon the zoning district.
  • Detached garages shall not exceed 17 feet, one story in height, or exceed the height of the main structure.

Residential driveways

  • All driveways must be hard-surfaced, either asphalt, concrete or paving bricks.
  • Driveways shall not exceed 24 feet in width where they cross the property line.
  • No alterations to the curb are permitted without approval of the Community Development Department.
  • A permit is required from the Community Development Department for installation, replacement or resurfacing of a driveway.