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Home > Residents > Building & Zoning > Zoning Regulations

Zoning Regulations: Home Occupations

Running a small business out of a residential home is considered a home occupation. Home occupations shall be governed by the following regulations:

  • Permitted home occupations may include any of the following:
    • Art Studio
    • Dressmaking
    • Professional office of clergyman, lawyer, architect or accountant
    • Teaching - including musical instruments or dancing, but limited to one pupil at a time, only in a detached single family dwelling
    • Offices
    • Home day care - limited to 8 children under 12 years old, including children who reside in the household; requires license by the State
  • Home occupations may not include any other use such as, but not limited to, the following:
    • Operation of any wholesale or retail business unless conducted entirely by mail, and does not involve the sale, receipt or delivery of merchandise on the premises
    • Any manufacturing or processing goods, materials or products
    • Repair shop or service establishment of any kind, operating on or from the premises
    • Clinic or hospital
    • Barber shop or beauty parlor
    • Stable or kennel
    • Restaurant
    • Sale of firearms
    • Any activity that produces noxious matter
  • Permitted home occupations shall comply with the following restrictions:
    • No sign other than a 96-square inch name plate may be displayed. No other display or activity shall indicate from the exterior of the dwelling that it is used in whole or part for any purpose other than residential use
    • Activity shall not require delivery or receipt of merchandise, goods, or equipment by other than letter carrier or the passenger motor vehicle of the dwelling occupant.
    • Home occupations shall not be conducted by any person that is not a member of the family living on the premises
    • No accessory building may be used in whole or in part for the home occupation
    • No exterior storage of equipment /materials used in home occupations

Should you suspect a violation of Village Ordinances, please make an anonymous report to the Community Development Department at 630/693-7530, or to send an email, click here. Ordinances can be reviewed at Village Hall in the Community Development Department.