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Home > Residents > New Resident Information > Important Ordinances

Important Ordinances: Recreational Vehicles

A recreational vehicle is one primarily designed as temporary living quarters for recreation, camping or travel, which either has its own motive power or is mounted on, or drawn by, another vehicle, such as travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, campers, boats, motor homes or any vehicle with state R.V., R.T., or T.A. license plates.

A recreational vehicle as defined above may be parked or stored on a lot in a residential district provided that:

  • It is at no time occupied for living or sleeping purposes, except as may be allowed by the village on a temporary basis.
  • It is not connected to natural gas, water or sanitary sewer service.
  • It is stored in its collapsed position, if it is a vehicle of the collapsible type, not stored in a garage.
  • It is parked or stored in a location determined by the following:
    • In a garage or carport, where one exists on the premises large enough to accommodate the vehicle.
    • Otherwise, in the driveway to the rear of the principal building line that is parallel or most nearly parallel to the street to which the driveway has access, where there is a driveway extending to the rear of this line.

Trucks that may be parked or stored in a residential district other than in a garage shall be limited to pickup trucks, or those used in connection with recreational vehicles. Vans used predominantly for family, recreational, or ride-sharing use are permitted, but no commercial vehicle or contractor equipment may be parked or stored in a residential district other than for loading and unloading of household belongings, and for deliveries or service calls. All vehicles shall be parked on a paved surface.