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Subdivision Control

The Subdivision Control Ordinance (0-05-98), which is based on the "Comprehensive Plan" of the Village of Addison, is adopted to promote and protect the public health, safety, morals, comfort, convenience and general welfare of the people; to protect the character and maintain the stability of Addison and contiguous unincorporated territory; to assure the orderly development of the Village of Addison; to establish reasonable standards applicable to design, materials and construction of public, as well as private improvements to a parcel of land, excluding the building; and to establish procedures for the subdivision, resubdivision, and planned unit development of land within the Village and surrounded unincorporated territory. 

The requirements set forth in this Ordinance are deemed to be the minimum requirements for development or redevelopment of the Village of Addison.

Subdivision Control Ordinance (pdf)
Standard Specifications for Design and Construction (pdf)
Index of Standard Drawings (pdf)
Standard Drawings 201-411 (zip)
Standard Drawings 501-1011 (zip)
Standard Drawings 1104-1404 (zip)

Additional resources are available for single and multiple family residence permitting.

Residential Engineering Site Plan Checklist (pdf)
Residential Engineering Inspection Sheet (pdf)
Residential Engineering As-Built/Final Survey Checklist (pdf)
Erosion and Sediment Control for Small Sites (pdf)

For information regarding the Village of Addison's Subdivision Control Ordinance, contact the Village Engineer in the Department of Community Development at 630/693-7533.