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Traffic and Parking

Traffic Engineering

The Engineering Division performs various traffic engineering duties including reviewing studies for intersection traffic control, conducting minor traffic counts, and determining appropriate pavement markings and traffic control signs along Village streets.

Stop Signs

Stop signs are placed at intersections for the purpose of assigning motorists right-of-way when certain warrants have been determined by a traffic study. These warrants include the number of vehicles traveling through the intersection, accident history of the intersection, and sight distance determination. These warrants are based upon State guidelines and must be adhered to in order to create uniformity in traffic control. Stop signs are not to be used for speed reduction. Residents may request a study to be performed by the Engineering Division by providing the request in writing. A traffic study will then be performed and the results forwarded to the resident making the request.

Vehicle Speed Limits

State Law stipulates that the legal maximum speed limit for local Village streets is 30 m.p.h., unless otherwise amended or posted. Refer to the Village Code, chapter 11, article III, sections 57-60 for some additional speed restrictions within the Village. Speed limits may only be altered after a traffic speed study has determined that an altered speed limit is appropriate for the street under study. The Police Department provides various services to the community in an effort to respond to concerns of speeding vehicles. To report a problem with speeding please contact the Police Department's non-emergency number at (630) 693-7927.

On-Street Parking Prohibition

Residents or business owners may request that the Village limit on-street parking along their street frontage due to safety, congestion, or routine and emergency access concerns. Refer to the Village Code, chapter 11, article VI, sections 81-94 for general code requirements. The Village's policy is to receive a petition signed by at least 51 percent of the affected residents or business owners where the parking ban is requested prior to proceeding with authorizing the requested on-street parking ban.

For information regarding the Village of Addison Engineering Division, contact the Village Engineer in the Department of Community Development at 630/693-7533.