The Village staff and employees strive to provide the best service possible to our residents, while keeping your property taxes as low as possible.

Your local government – made up of dedicated elected officials and highly qualified staff – works hard to ensure that Addison continues to grow and thrive.  Village services are consistently praised, while being provided with a reasonable tax rate.

More than 36,000 people call the Village of Addison home.  Whether you are new to our community, or have lived here for years, here is some of the information you need to know.  

Addison has been extremely successful at attracting and retaining industry and business within the village due to the proactive and forward-thinking actions of its elected officials. To encourage business and industrial development and facilitate the expansion of existing sites, the village offers a wide variety of economic incentives that are molded to the needs of each individual business seeking a home in Addison.

Whether you are considering calling Addison home, or just visiting for day for pleasure or business, here are some links you might find useful.


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2021 Letters

Winter 2021

As the cold grip of winter gradually settles upon us and we look forward to enjoying the holiday season with family and friends, it is reassuring to know that despite the challenges we’ve faced in 2021, we, as a community, not only overcame them but grew stronger.

Our willingness to work together – not only as individuals, but also intergovernmentally, interdenominationally, and commercially – allowed us to leverage our resources to provide for the health and common good of our community.

We celebrated family events like our annual Addison Medinah Shriners Parade, Rock ‘n Wheels and Harvest Fest, and look forward to our Christmas Parade, and Tree Lighting.  We also held philanthropic and community service events like the Mayor’s Community Charity Ball, Shop with a Hero, food drives, workforce development, job fairs, COVID-19 vaccination clinics, and interdenominational prayer services. All have helped us to redefine health in a broader, more holistic manner, incorporating physical, emotional, and socio-economic needs into the definition of a healthy community.

This unique “culture of community” has long been an integral part of the Addison Advantage.  It was recently acknowledged nationally when the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation named Addison the recipient of their prestigious Culture of Health Prize. This recognition reaffirms what we, as a community, have held as our vision for Addison since its very inception; that is, we grow as a community as we address the needs of all of the community. 

RWJF Group

As we celebrate the holiday season, I hope each of you takes pride in knowing that our community has been named the Culture of Health winner. However, most importantly, be proud that Addison incorporates the true spirit of the holidays in our everyday lives and that spirit of community comes only through our continued dedication and commitment to each other so that we all can realize the Addison Advantage.

Best wishes to each of you for a joyous, safe, and healthy holiday season!

Rich Veenstra

Fall 2021

Dear Friends,

As the days begin to grow shorter, we are reminded that the summer many thought might not happen because of the pandemic is rapidly coming to an end. Although we had to wait until July to officially kick-off the summer festivities, the excitement, energy, and attendance we’ve seen clearly indicated that this was a season of celebration.

Rock ‘n Wheels broke records in the number of vendors, the number of non-profit organizations, and the number of attendees. The annual Addison/Medinah Shriners’ Parade didn’t miss a step as it returned from last year’s hiatus, bigger and better than ever, highlighted by the appearance of the Navy Band Great Lakes.

Our businesses, particularly our restaurants and entertainment venues, experienced a resurgence in volume that approached pre-pandemic levels. Sale of new homes at both the Enclave and the Highlands continue to accelerate at a record rate as new residents are experiencing “the Addison Advantage.”

While summer may be ending, there are still plenty of activities to look forward to. Harvest Fest, a celebration of fall will take place on the Village Green on September 16 and again on September 23. Both evenings will feature live bands, food, and an opportunity to get together with friends and family before the snow falls.

For those looking for a way to have a great evening with dinner and dancing while helping to support 16 local charitable organizations, there’s the annual Mayor’s Community Charity Ball on November 13 at the Medinah Shrine Center.

So yes … this has been, and will continue to be, a time to celebrate our community, our accomplishments, and the many advantages that we all share. But lest we become complacent, we must also acknowledge that there is still the shadow of the pandemic that can once again impact our daily lives.

While we have had a summer we can celebrate, it is incumbent on each and every one of us to protect ourselves, our families, and our community by complying with prudent health practices. Moreover, I highly encourage you to consider getting vaccinated if you haven’t already. Eradicating COVID-19 will be a true reason to celebrate!

Stay well,

Rich Veenstra

Summer 2021

Dear Friends,

As we enter into the summer season there is a sense of rejuvenation and excitement, not only for the escape from the cold grips of winter, but also for the anticipation of a return to a pre-pandemic way of life. Because of the focused efforts of our entire community in complying with health and safety guidelines, the close intergovernmental initiatives that brought us educational and prevention information, as well as vaccination clinics, we are emerging from the many restrictions brought about by COVID-19. As those restrictions continue to be eased, we will continually update you on the changes via our various media outlets.

Summer means the return of Rock ‘n Wheels. This year we will see some changes that are designed to provide the same entertainment value, but also provide for the safety concerns of our audiences.  The kickoff of the season is July 1 and will feature fireworks. The car show will relocate to Green Meadow Shopping Center to provide more seating space for the concert as well as more capacity for cars. We will also partner to provide a COVID-19 Vaccination Station at each event to encourage those who have not been vaccinated to do so.

The annual Addison-Medinah Shriners Parade will return on Aug. 29 and Onesti Entertainment is planning their Italian Fest for the second week of September.

On the economic side, Phase III of the Enclave residential development is underway and sales at the Highlands development have been strong. Amazon is scheduled to open their new distribution center in June, and several restaurants have already or will be opening in the coming months. Altofer CAT has completed their relocation from Elmhurst to Addison, and Wynndalco Enterprises has just become the newest member of our business community. Wynndalco and Parts Town are among the 50 fastest growing businesses in the Chicago area.

So, as we look forward to the beginning of a new season, we can also look forward to returning to the vibrant lifestyle we knew prior to the pandemic.

Enjoy the summer. Stay well. Follow CDC and State guidelines, and get vaccinated!


Rich Veenstra

Spring 2021

Dear Friends,

In our Winter edition of Advantages, I spoke of the initiatives and programs that we have implemented to safeguard the health of our residents, as well as to support the economic viability of our businesses. I stressed the importance of observing the 3 W’s (Watch your distance. Wear your Masks. Wash your hands.)and how each of us has a personal responsibility to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Mayor Veenstra and Superintendent Jean Barbanente

Over the past several months we have distributed more than 6,000 COVID Essential Kits throughout the Village. I’m happy to report that since late November, the incidence of active COVID-19 cases in Addison has declined by nearly 85 percent. While that number is a reason for optimism, the fact 

is we’re still not where we need to be. The next critical step in overcoming the pandemic is vaccination.

In spite of the limited availability of the COVID vaccine, the Village – in close collaboration with DuPage High School District 88 – was able to obtain more than 3,000 doses for residents 65 years of age and over, and for school faculty. Through a phone bank set up in Village Hall for scheduling and the use of Addison Trail High School facilities for vaccinating, more than 1,400 Addison residents were vaccinated.

VaccinationThe success of this effort was due in large part to the dedication and commitment of Village and District 88 staff. While we are proud of the outcome, we realize that many residents still are unable to obtain the vaccine. As supplies become more readily available, we will continue to work to provide information and to facilitate opportunities for all residents to receive the vaccine.

As we begin to look to the return of Summer, plans for Rock ‘n Wheels and other events are under way. However, unless we continue to do our part in ending the pandemic (3 W’s and vaccination) those plans are at risk. Please be safe and help keep our community healthy!


Rich Veenstra