The Village staff and employees strive to provide the best service possible to our residents, while keeping your property taxes as low as possible.

Your local government – made up of dedicated elected officials and highly qualified staff – works hard to ensure that Addison continues to grow and thrive.  Village services are consistently praised, while being provided with a reasonable tax rate.

More than 36,000 people call the Village of Addison home.  Whether you are new to our community, or have lived here for years, here is some of the information you need to know.  

Addison has been extremely successful at attracting and retaining industry and business within the village due to the proactive and forward-thinking actions of its elected officials. To encourage business and industrial development and facilitate the expansion of existing sites, the village offers a wide variety of economic incentives that are molded to the needs of each individual business seeking a home in Addison.

Whether you are considering calling Addison home, or just visiting for day for pleasure or business, here are some links you might find useful.


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Roads and Streets

Five Year Roadway Maintenance Program

The Village is responsible for approximately 80 miles of roadway in Addison, and that does not include State or County routes, such as Lake Street, Rohlwing Road, North Avenue, Villa/Wood Dale Road and sections of Army Trail Road, Addison Road, and Swift Road. Our long-range construction plan, called the Five-Year Roadway Maintenance Program, allows us to make improvements to the Village's streets by identifying those that need to be reconstructed, rehabilitated, or resurfaced each year.

Although we project out a five-year program, it is typically updated after the third year. Engineering personnel annually reevaluate pavement sections throughout the Village and update the road database.

There are three main types of road improvements that involve the Engineering Division. Those are street reconstruction, pavement rehabilitation, and pavement resurfacing.

Street Reconstruction: Pavement reconstruction involves removing the existing hard surface, base, and frequently, most of the curb and gutter, and then reinstalling everything to meet current standards. Of the three types of road improvement projects, this is the most extensive and disruptive.

Street Rehabilitation: This process involves the complete removal and replacement of sections of severely deteriorated pavement in its entirety (full depth patching) and curb and gutter as needed. It is then followed by grinding the existing pavement surface and resurfacing the entire project limits.

Street Resurfacing: Resurfacing, which is the quickest of the three methods of pavement construction, involves grinding the existing pavement surface and then overlaying new surface material.

Please note that this program includes the replacement or improvement of Village streets, not routine street maintenance. Routine maintenance such as patching, sealing coating, or rejuvenation is the responsibility of the Department of Public Works. To report a pothole, pavement or curb problem, contact the Street Division at (630) 620-2020.

Annual Roadway Maintenance Program FAQs

Q: What is the Annual Roadway Maintenance Program?

A: Each summer, the Village of Addison conducts a construction project known as the Roadway Maintenance Program. The intent of the program is to make improvements to the Village's streets. The Village Board allocates funds for these improvements that are above and beyond the normal maintenance the Village performs. Streets are prioritized according to age and need for repairs.

Q: How are the streets selected for the program?

A: The Engineering Division annually conducts a field survey to determine the condition of the streets within the Village of Addison. Data collected from this survey is analyzed by the engineering staff who then determines the need for repairs based on the type, severity and quantity of defects of the individual street. The Engineering Division uses this information to develop the Roadway Maintenance Program.

Q: What streets are in the program and what work will be done on them?

A: The Roadway Maintenance Program typically results in improvements of 1 to 2 miles of roadway in the Village. Residents whose streets will be affected by construction will be notified prior to the work beginning. A complete list of streets that will be included in the Annual Roadway Maintenance Program is available by contacting the Engineering Division.

Q: Who will be performing the work on these streets?

A: The Engineering Division prepares the plans and specifications for the Roadway Maintenance Program and lets it in a competitive bidding process that typically occurs in late winter or early spring. After all legitimate bids are opened, tabulated, and evaluated, the Engineering Division makes a recommendation to the Village Board who awards the contract. Contractors, suppliers, or residents with questions about the Annual Roadway Maintenance Program should contact the Engineering Division at (630) 693-7530.

Q: When will work begin?

A: Work typically begins in April or May after execution of the contracts. The Engineering Division will oversee the project and keep residents informed of construction dates.

Q: Will driveway access be affected during construction?

A: It will be necessary to limit access to the driveways at times. The contractor will be informed to be sensitive to the needs of the residents adjacent to the construction areas by providing temporary access, if possible. When curb and gutter or concrete driveways are excavated and poured, there will typically be a 72 hour period when access will not be permitted. During that time, residents may be permitted to park on adjacent streets not under construction. During working hours, typically from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, please do NOT park in areas under construction. This will ensure that the construction crews have room to maneuver their equipment and bring materials on site. It will also provide a safer travel way and safeguard against damage to personal property. Residents whom require uninterrupted driveway access because of a medical or physical condition, or a unique circumstance should make the Inspector aware of their needs by contacting the Engineering Division at (630) 693-7530 when they receive notice.

Q: Are plans available for public review?

A: Construction plans and specifications are available for public review at Village Hall in the offices of the Engineering Division. Please make an appointment so that engineering staff will be available to answer any questions.

Words of Caution

It is imperative that everyone exercises caution while driving, bicycling, or walking on the streets that are under construction and obeys ALL construction signs. Also, remember to monitor children closely. They tend to be curious and should be kept away from the construction activities. Construction sites are not play areas.

For information regarding the Village of Addison's Street Maintenance Program, contact the Village Engineer in the Department of Community Development at 630/693-7535.